Robbery Charge Gets Dropped

The attorneys at the Umansky Law Firm were able to get a robbery charge dismissed for a client who is now free to pursue her degree in nursing. A young lady with no priors was arrested for grabbing a purse from a Kohl’s shopper and taking off running. Her co-defendant escaped, she was stopped by law enforcement, identified by the victim and allegedly confessed her involvement to the investigating officer. Our attorneys filed a motion to suppress the confession, set depositions of the victim, and ultimately convinced the state to dismiss the case. Just like many of the cases we handle for students that might have their education on the line, professionals also have their licenses and certificates to worry about. If either of those are jeopardized by a criminal charge, it could completely threaten their livelihood as well as their future and the future of their loved ones, no matter the severity of the case according to the state.

How Legal Issues Affect Students and Professionals

Those with little to no professional career ambition have less at stake than those who have invested in their future. College students often take out massive loans to afford higher education in pursuit of a career while working professionals have their reputations to uphold.

A college student who is convicted of a crime while in school may risk having scholarships withdrawn and may even face expulsion from the university. Those applying for colleges would have to acknowledge their arrest on college applications which may disqualify them from attending their desired school. Those with careers are in even worse situations as employers have the freedom to release workers who become convicted criminals.

It is for these reasons and many others why it is essential that you secure strong legal representation if you ever face legal issues. They can take what you have at stake into consideration and manage your case accordingly.

If you are charged with robbery and feel like your future could be on the line, contact our Orlando robbery lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm today. The charges you face could be very serious if you’re a minor or an adult. We have experience handling these exact kinds of cases and will be able to put together a solid defense even if you have very unique facts to your specific case. The Umansky Law Firm has experienced juvenile lawyers to hear your case as well. Call our phone number today, (407)228-3838.

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    Robbery Charge Gets Dropped