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All people who face an arrest for an alleged violation of a state’s criminal law deserve to have their day in court. In addition, they ought to have legal representation on their side with the diligence and motivation needed to bring them the best possible outcome. This includes not just presenting a powerful argument at trial but also taking every necessary step to protect their rights while in police custody and during all pre-trial court sessions.

A Dr. Phillips criminal defense lawyer is prepared to provide this help. We explore the facts that led to an arrest and help people like you to understand the laws that control your case and your rights while in court. Our respected law firm could take necessary steps to protect those rights and fight back against the prosecutor’s evidence and arguments.

Criminal Defense Cases Where an Attorney Could Assist

The Umansky Law Firm helps defendants who are charged with many different types of crimes, from felonies to misdemeanors. Many of these have to do with illegal drugs. The possession of even a small amount of a narcotic or hallucinogen is still a serious criminal offense under Florida Statute § 893.13 (6)(a)(c). In these cases, a criminal defense lawyer could argue that a person’s contact with this substance was only to help another seek medical attention or that they had a valid prescription for the substance in question. Other examples of criminal cases that a defense lawyer could handle include:

  • DUI or other serious traffic infractions
  • Assaults, batteries, or other examples of alleged violence
  • Domestic violence allegations
  • Crimes involving the use of a firearm
  • Theft – including robbery, shoplifting, and larceny
  • Fraud and embezzlement
  • Prostitution
  • Sex crimes – including sexual assault, rape, and child pornography
  • Juvenile defense and college student defense
  • Failure to appear

No matter the exact details of an allegation, a Dr. Phillips criminal defense attorney is ready to step forward and represent those accused of violating the law.

Aiding During Every Stage of a Criminal Case

Most people assume that hiring a criminal defense lawyer does the most good during a trial. While this is certainly one way in which they can help, the fact is that hiring an attorney comes with even more immediate benefits.

If a person hires a lawyer while still in police custody, that attorney helps regain control over police questioning. They could also challenge the legality of certain choices made by the police during the investigation or questioning.

Assistance in court begins with the earliest hearings. An arraignment is a chance to argue for fair bail terms or against the imposition of restraining orders. Pre-trial court sessions are an opportunity to file motions that aim to exclude illegal evidence or witness statements. From the date that they take on a case, a Dr. Phillips criminal defense lawyer is ready to do what is necessary to protect the rights and freedoms of people facing criminal allegations.

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Every arrest that occurs in the Dr. Phillips area can come with harsh consequences. Even a misdemeanor conviction will create a criminal record and could force you to spend time in jail or affect your future job opportunities. Felonies are even more serious and can completely derail your life.

It is vital that you provide yourself with every advantage. Hiring a Dr. Phillips criminal defense lawyer to handle the case is a step in the right direction. We are prepared to defend your rights at every turn while scrutinizing the prosecutor’s case and building reasonable doubt in juries. Reach out to us today to let us get to work for you.

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