Dependency Case Dismissed

Attorney Gergely represented a Mother in a dependency case in Seminole County. The Petition for Dependency alleged that the mother used excessive corporal punishment on her son. The son went to school and told a teacher that his mother “hits him in the face.”

The teacher observed some bruising and scratches on the child. The client’s position was that the child was very hard to make behave and that he was constantly attacking and arguing with his sisters. The client also indicated that the child told her the bruises and scratches were from him rolling on the ground. The Mother indicated that the child suffered from severe mental health issues and for which she was treating the client. After working with the case manager, the Guardian Ad Litem Program, and the Attorney for the Department of Children and Families, Attorney Gergely was able to get the client into very brief and non invasive voluntary services. Once the services were complete, the State of Florida agreed to dismiss the Petition for Dependency against the Mother.

Guardian Ad Litem cases are taken very seriously in the state of Florida. Contact The Umansky Law Firm’s Orlando attorneys today with any questions you have about Petition for Dependency.

Lawyers can act on behalf of parents and family members in finding a home for a child that better suits them. It is a tricky situation when a child has to be taken from their parents because of reasons like proper care and treatment, but in the end, it is important to the central Florida community that all children have a chance to be raised in a caring and nurturing environment. Lawyers that work in Guardian Ad Litem are put with this task – a task that can often times be very demanding and complicated.

There is a commitment to finding the best places for our youth to be nurtured and flourish. Guardian Ad Litem attorneys keep this fact close to the heart and work very hard in the interests of young individuals. If you have any other questions about this area of law, please don’t hesitate to call our attorneys.


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    Dependency Case Dismissed