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What Does Second Chance Mean?

In our criminal practice, we know that people break the law; make mistakes, and have momentary lapses of judgment that causes them to do something they may regret. Unfortunately, society judges them for those mistakes and forgiveness is hard to find. We believe that in many instances this is unfair as everyone makes mistakes. Despite our attempts to live a clean life, we still sin and cause people pain; none of us are without blame. In our practice, we strive diligently to give our clients that second chance at life, to try and make sure that this incident does not haunt them for the rest of their lives.

In our personal injury practice, we cannot tell you how many people we help who have been seriously injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. The injury can be devastating, and there is a natural tendency for the client to feel like a victim, blame the wrongdoer, and descend into a realm of darkness that is hard to recover from. Naturally our lawyers aggressively work to obtain the most amount of money possible for the client as they deserve compensation to fix the harm which they have endured. However, just as important as compensation, is our focus on getting the client to not feel like a victim of circumstance, but rather to help them see that they can proactively take charge and make their life even better than before despite the injury they have suffered.

We Believe Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

As lawyers we are also called counselors and we believe that no matter the circumstance, whether someone was injured or arrested, we have an opportunity to counsel and educate our clients. No matter what the problem, our client not only deserves our aggressive representation, but also our counsel on how to take this difficult situation and turn into an opportunity for a second chance. In that belief, we have compiled a list of like minded providers who provide counseling, health care, life coaching, job retraining and other services designed to help people find a better tomorrow. Please feel free to click on any of the branches of our tree to further explore someone that can help you!

Our goal of course is to help you get this incident behind you, and at the same time encourage you to maintain pride, get the help you need and move past this dark point in time. We represent clients, not criminals. We represent people, not victims. And we recognize that people need help finding that second chance!

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