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The feeling of being placed under arrest is one like no other. Just a few minutes earlier, you were free to live your life as you chose to without having to answer to anyone. Now you are in the custody of the Lakeland Police Department and restricted to performing the actions they permit you to do. Jailhouse officials decide when you eat, go outdoors, and use the phone, ultimately ridding you of that past freedom, but all hope isn’t lost. Your jail stay is temporary, and your Lakeland criminal defense lawyer can make sure of that.

There are many occasions where individuals find themselves locked in jail for longer than necessary. As someone who has yet to be sentenced, you are not required to stay in jail until your court date, but those without legal representation may believe the opposite. Your attorney can make you aware of your legal options for getting released from jail and help prepare you for your day in court. For this reason and many others, you should waste no time in acquiring an experienced attorney who can serve as your legal ally throughout the entirety of the case.

Common Criminal Offenses in Lakeland

When you are arrested for a crime, you find yourself in jail with individuals who are either accused or convicted of committing a range of criminal offenses. Some of the most common criminal offenses include:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Sex crimes
  • Violation of probation
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Cybercrime
  • Domestic abuse
  • DUI
  • Drug Crimes

While each crime has its own penalty, they all are serious offenses that can result in years in prison and hefty fines. Those who lack adequate legal counsel run the risk of receiving an unnecessarily long sentence. Best position yourself for a favorable ruling by taking the time immediately after your arrest to acquire a skilled attorney who will look out for your best interests.

Immediate Steps After a Lakeland Arrest

Your top priority after your arrest should be sourcing a lawyer who can help guide you through a successful case; however, many people allow the pre-trial period to pass without getting the necessary representation. When this happens, they are restricted to the services of a public defender or can choose to represent themselves, both of which are unfavorable options.

Public defenders rarely provide the accused with substantial legal services and often fail to meet their client’s expectations. Serving as your own representation is also a poor decision as prosecutors who have dedicated their lives to the practice can easily dismantle whatever defense you bring forth. The most favorable choice you can make for your case is to acquire a Lakeland criminal defense lawyer with The Umansky Law Firm.

Find a Lakeland Criminal Defense Attorney You Can Trust

With over 60 years of combined experience, our attorneys have the skills to construct a solid defense. Trust us to provide your case with the legal attention it deserves and to keep you updated throughout every step of the process. We are ready and willing to do all things necessary to mitigate your case and try to get the charges lessened or even dismissed if possible. One poor decision should not alter the rest of your life. Get a much-needed second chance when you contact us today for a free case review.

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