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Individuals accused of a crime have the right to work with legal counsel to defend against any charge levied against them. The Umansky Law Firm Criminal Defense & Injury Attorneys provides representation for people accused of all manner of crimes, from simple misdemeanors to felony charges.

Every situation is unique, and you deserve an advocate who will get to know you and provide a personalized defense strategy tailored to your circumstances. An Avalon Park criminal lawyer will put their experience and skills to work on your behalf to achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

Preserving a Defendant’s Rights Throughout the Process

An Avalon criminal attorney is available from the time a suspect is arrested or learns they are being investigated in a criminal matter. A legal professional could explain the process and provide guidance to protect the accused from potential violations of their rights. In reviewing the prosecutor’s evidence and listening carefully to the defendant’s side of the story, it sometimes becomes clear that law enforcement may not have acted properly in enforcing the law.

An advocate could challenge the propriety of a traffic stop and question whether an officer had probable cause to search a vehicle – or they could ensure the officers did not overstep when executing the warrants. If the arrest involved a police sting, as often occurs in cases of prostitution or solicitation, it is important to confirm that the officer’s actions did not amount to entrapment.

A motion to dismiss the charges could be appropriate if evidence indicates the police might have acted improperly. Even when a motion to dismiss is unsuccessful, judges often suppress evidence the police collected through improper means.

Forcing the Prosecutor to Establish Every Element of a Charge

Crimes are composed of certain components or elements. A prosecutor must have evidence to prove each element of the crime to get a conviction. Often the prosecutor’s evidence of one or more elements is weak.

For example, Florida Statutes § 784.011 defines the crime of assault, which is an intentional threat to harm, expressed by words or actions, combined with the ability to carry out the threat. The person being threatened must fear the other person will carry out the threat imminently.

A defense attorney in Avalon Park could dispute the elements of the crime. An assault might not have actually occurred if there was no intent to threaten, the accused was not in a position to follow through, or if the other person did not take the threat seriously. This level of prosecutor deconstruction could occur in other crimes as well, such as sex crimes, drug charges, gun violations, fraud, theft, and many others.

Striving to Achieve the Most Favorable Outcome

An Avalon Park defense attorney may try to have a criminal charge dismissed, if possible. However, if the prosecutor is confident of their evidence, they might not be willing to dismiss. It is then time to explore other defense options.

Sometimes negotiating a plea agreement might provide the best result for the accused. In appropriate situations, a diversion program could provide the accused with needed services while allowing them to avoid incarceration. Taking a case to trial and forcing the prosecutor to make their case could be the right decision if the defendant is determined to prove their innocence.

Criminal charges have consequences other than fines or potential jail time. A criminal record could reduce a person’s opportunities for housing, credit, employment, and education, while a felony conviction deprives a person of the right to vote, hold public office, and acquire certain professional licenses. A defense attorney could attempt to minimize the long-term consequences when resolving a criminal case.

Contact an Avalon Park Criminal Defense Attorney if You Need Representation

Arrests and convictions can have severe consequences for you. Do not try to handle a criminal matter without assistance from a seasoned defense attorney.

An Avalon Park criminal lawyer could work diligently to achieve the best result available in your circumstances. Call us as soon as you get arrested or learn of a criminal investigation against you.

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