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No one looks upon the time they were arrested in Titusville with pride. Whether you were suspected of driving under the influence, carrying an illegal substance, or were accused of a violent crime, you have the right to obtain competent legal representation and are strongly urged to do so. The sooner you obtain representation, the sooner you can put this rough patch behind you.

At The Umansky Law Firm, we understand that we sometimes find ourselves in tough situations. If you were recently arrested, you may naturally be feeling anxious or worried about what the future holds. Our experienced attorneys are here to provide guidance and support through each step of the extensive and complex legal process. We strive to deliver excellent representation and counseling to help you overcome this legal hurdle. Regardless of the charges against you, our Titusville criminal defense lawyers are thoroughly prepared to handle your case.

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Criminal charges are no small matter. Even if you face charges for a misdemeanor offense, you could face significant penalties if convicted. The stain an offense can have on your reputation and the obstacles it can present in your future can be significant. Although your situation may feel insurmountable, a Titusville criminal defense attorney can apply his knowledge and passion for the law toward your case as he seeks to have your charges reduced or completely eliminated.

Our attorneys have over 60 years of combined experience practicing criminal law. Our goal is to let our reputation for handling difficult cases, among prosecutors, judges, and several other members in the local community work for you. Over the years, our firm has represented some of the most challenging and unique cases in Titusville and have attained several successful outcomes for our clients. Allow us to carve a potent defense for your case, whether you face misdemeanor, felony, or federal charges.

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Since our firm’s inception, we have provided personalized attention and aggressive criminal defense in Titusville. We have handled a vast assortment of cases. Some of the top charges we defend include:

  • DUI Charges
  • Drug Charges
  • Sex charges
  • Juvenile offenses
  • Theft and fraud
  • Federal charges

Founding attorney William Umansky has over 25 years of experience providing “second chances” to clients who have faced consequences for their alleged offenses. It is his top mission to secure a brighter future for his clients by fighting strategically to have his lawyers help his clients by trying to reduce penalties, getting charges dropped or getting lesser charges. He is an active member of the National College of DUI Defense and National Association of Criminal Defense lawyers. Call us  to set up an appointment with our knowledgeable attorneys today for a free consultation or chat with us online 24/7.

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