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If the police arrest your minor child for a crime, it is understandable to worry about how a conviction might impact their future. Thankfully, the juvenile justice system offers solutions that will not result in a permanent criminal record. A favorable outcome is never guaranteed in these cases, so it is crucial to seek out guidance from a skilled defense attorney.

An Orlando juvenile defense lawyer could rely on their experience and skill to protect your children following an arrest. By aggressively advocating for your child’s rights, they could avoid lasting consequences that could harm their future prospects.

Common Juvenile Offenses

There are many different criminal offenses that could lead to a charge in juvenile court. While these are largely the same criminal offenses that adults face, the way penalties are handed down is very different. Like with adults, the severity of offenses can vary dramatically. Some juvenile offenses are minor traffic issues, while others represent very serious crimes. Some common juvenile offenses include:

Every child deserves a vigorous defense when they face allegations of wrongdoing. An Orlando juvenile defense attorney could provide that defense.

Defense Strategies to Avoid a Juvenile Record

Umansky Law uses a systematic approach to the defense of juveniles. First, they try to keep the child from being prosecuted as an adult. Second, they defend a juvenile crime just as they defend an adult. They will try to get charges reduced or dismissed, and always strive to have any illegally obtained evidence suppressed.

Not only must a child be defended, but many times he or she needs intervention so that problematic behavior does not happen again. A lawyer can refer a child to services such as counseling, therapy, or other services that may help get them back on the right path and without a criminal record.

One of the best options available is through something known as a juvenile diversion program. A diversion program offers a child the chance to meet certain criteria that will ultimately lead to the dismissal of the charges against them.

Juvenile Cases That Are Prosecuted

Not every minor charged with a criminal offense will have the opportunity to enter the diversion program. There are numerous factors that are considered when it is decided if a case will go through the diversion program or if it will be recommended for criminal prosecution. The most important factor that is considered when making this decision is the criminal record of the child. If the juvenile has an extensive criminal record, then diversion is unlikely. For first-time offenders, it could still be a possibility.

Ultimately, it might not be immediately apparent when it is possible to avoid a criminal record. Instead of taking their chances, Orlando parents could benefit from working with a juvenile defense attorney who could advise them of their options moving forward.

Is Incarceration Likely?

The ultimate goal of the juvenile system is not to punish but to rehabilitate. For that reason, many offenses that might otherwise result in jail time could receive other penalties under the juvenile system. Many juveniles face consequences like:

  • House Arrest
  • Probation and Curfew
  • Loss of Driver’s License
  • Random Drug Screening
  • Counseling
  • Juvenile Detention
  • Delinquent act citation

The severity of the crime will play an important role in determining if jail time is a possibility. Minor offenses might not lead to a juvenile spending time behind bars but a serious offense could. For serious offenses, a minor could find themselves incarcerated in a juvenile detention facility.

Call an Orlando Juvenile Defense Attorney Today

Your child deserves an advocate that will fight for them during this important time. With the right legal counsel, they could avoid consequences that could put their future at risk.

Our experience as former prosecutors give us insight into how the prosecuting attorney will prepare their cases, which helps our defense lawyers better represent your son or daughter. Founding partner William Umansky is also actively involved in the juvenile court system and currently serves as a judge in the Orange County Teen Court program. An avid believer in the juvenile system, Bill is also on the board of directors for Teen Alternatives, Inc., which raises funds for children involved in the teen court program. Reach out to an Orlando juvenile defense lawyer right away. Our team could provide you with the answers to your questions during a confidential consultation.

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