Orlando Prostitution Cases

First of all, most of the clients have immigration issues, even though most of them do actually hold massage therapy licenses. A conviction on a prostitution charge would basically make their massage therapy license invalid, and in effect, they would probably lose it. A conviction could also hinder their immigration status; depending on where they are and their immigration process, prostitution is considered a crime of more turpitude and could cause their deportation, or at least their immigration file, to be halted, solved, or delayed.

The attorneys at the Umansky Law Firm worked with a couple of clients that came to the law firm with these said charges and similar issues. Our attorneys were able to work with the prosecutors, as well as the agents at the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation, to get these charges reduced from charges that were prostitution, or prostitution-like charges, to charges of what is called ‘disorderly conduct’. Commonly, this disorderly conduct charge is sort of a catch-all that attorneys can convince a prosecutor to give in order to save the client from a crime of moral turpitude, or a crime of prostitution going on a client’s record.

Our attorneys had two separate cases where the facts were very similar in nature – they got the prosecutor to agree on both cases and to give the client a disorderly conduct charge for each case. The clients went from having prostitution and prostitution type charges to only one count of disorderly conduct each. The client was sentenced in a term of probation – however, while on that probation, there were very minimal things that client had to do, and after three months they will be able to terminate their probation.

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    Orlando Prostitution Cases