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“Put your hands on your head, and do not move a muscle.” It’s at this moment when you realize that life as you know it will never be the same. You’ve officially been placed in the custody of the Leesburg Police Department , and you must abide by whatever orders they issue. As you have your mugshot taken and go through the fingerprinting process, you relive the incident in your mind and wonder how you possibly reached this point.

As much as you may now regret your actions, mulling over poor decisions you made in the past does very little to help your situation moving forward. Instead, you should start brainstorming about how you can make it through these circumstances with minimal penalties. For attorneys with experience doing just that, look to the Leesburg criminal defense lawyers with The Umansky Law Firm. At The Umansky Law Firm, we believe everyone deserves a second chance. That’s why we partner with you from day one to build a viable defense strategy that will stand up in court and work to mitigate your charges.

The criminal law attorneys here have the legal knowledge and experience necessary to help mitigate your case so the charges can be lessened or dropped altogether. With decades of combined experience practicing law in Central Florida, we’re aware of the legal intricacies and hurdles your case may face and can construct your defense with that in mind. Obtain much-needed peace of mind when you trust the legal experts at The Umansky Law Firm to serve as your legal representation for your criminal case in Leesburg.

Leesburg Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Whether you were enjoying a night out on the town with friends that turned bad or a series of decisions led you to an unfortunate situation, there are a number of reasons why you might need a criminal defense lawyer in Leesburg, Florida. At The Umansky Law Firm, we take the time to listen to your circumstances before we decide the best strategy for your case. In the past, we have successfully defended a wide variety of criminal cases. The most common practice areas for our firm include:

  • DUIs
  • Drug Offenses
  • Firearm Offenses
  • Federal Charges
  • Sex Crimes
  • Traffic Violations
  • Theft & Fraud
  • White Collar Crimes

If you don’t see your charges on this list, it doesn’t mean we can’t help you. No matter what charges you face, we invite you to call our office and schedule a free consultation. Don’t let your life be defined by a single mistake. Get the help you need to get back on the right track with a Leesburg criminal defense lawyer.

Proven Criminal Defense Strategies in Leesburg

Criminal charges can range from petit theft to assault with a deadly weapon. What remains the same for these and all other charges is that the accused is in need of trustworthy representation. Prosecutors will do all they possibly can to get a conviction to make an example out of the defendant. To combat this force, acquire an attorney with a history of upholding the rights of his clients in the court of law.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that they can navigate the legal system without the help of an experienced attorney. When one chooses to do so, they face the task of acquiring knowledge in a matter of days that lawyers have dedicated most of their lives to. Another poor decision would be to assume that a public defender can provide adequate representation. Statistics show that client satisfaction is much lower when the accused entrusts a public defender to help clear them of or lessen the penalties for criminal charges.

At The Umansky Law Firm, we understand that the best way to create a viable defense strategy is to get to know you and the specific circumstances surrounding your charges. We go to great lengths to acquire evidence and information to mitigate your charges. In Leesburg, common defense strategies that are successful in criminal defense cases include:

  • Mistaken facts
  • Intoxication
  • Mental disorder
  • Self Defense
  • Duress

One of the most favorable decisions you can make for your criminal case is to acquire a Leesburg criminal defense lawyer with The Umansky Law Firm. Founding attorney William Umansky has more than 25 years of experience practicing criminal law in Central Florida. During that time, he has encountered a diverse range of cases and helped numerous individuals obtain a favorable outcome for serious charges. His personal yet aggressive approach to criminal defense is what separates him from the pack and has helped him gain the respect and loyalty of Leesburg constituents.

Find an Experienced Leesburg Criminal Defense Attorney Near You

If you’ve been charged with a crime, there is no better time than right now to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will work hard to defend you. You deserve a second chance at life, and with the right legal team, you can help get you that chance. If you live in Leesburg, the team of attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm will work to win you a second chance.

Highly-rated on Avvo.com by past clients and named among Florida’s Super Lawyers, The Umansky Law Firm is a highly credible law firm. The lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm have been featured in publications such as The New York Times, USA Today, and Newsweek. Contact The Umansky Law Firm for a free consultation. We all deserve a second chance. Get yours today.

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