Orange County Worthless Check Gets Dismissed!

Many people wire worthless checks. If a person writes a bad check knowingly, then he or she could face civil or criminal charges. In some cases, even the third party who signs and passes the worthless check onto another is charged. Many people write checks knowing they have non-sufficient funds. Late fees and other penalties occur if the check is not paid.

People may write bad checks to pay bills or to get groceries or gas. In some instances, a person might really need something like medicine and purposely write a bad check to get it. This happens every day in every state. It is always against the law to write a check to a business with no intentions of paying for the merchandise that you are getting. If you have done this, you should talk to a lawyer for legal guidance.

Attorney Umansky represented a client charged with Felony Worthless Check from a Publix in Orange County Florida. The alleged offense took place more than twelve years ago. Attorney Umansky filed a motion to dismiss based on lack of jurisdiction because the State of Florida had waited more than the three year statute of limitations to prosecute the client. Attorney Umansky was successful in getting the prosecutor to dismiss the felony charge!

The misdemeanor charge is up to $300.00 or six months in jail. The felony charges are up to $1,000 in fines or up to five years in prison. Orlando, Florida has strict laws on all fraud related matters.


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    Orange County Worthless Check Gets Dismissed!