Computer Sex Crime Dropped

One of our attorneys had a trial in which a gentleman was participating in a chat room on Yahoo. He was in an adult chat room, where everyone was supposed to be over the age of 18. He would invite young ladies in the chat room into a private chat where he would proceed to do inappropriate things. A police officer decided to get online, to look for predators. The client invited her in the private chat, she jumped in, saw him doing his thing, on his webcam. She then stated the fact that she was supposedly a 14 year old girl, when in fact she was a police officer.

A couple of weeks later when all the sudden he gets arrested down in South Florida. He found himself charged with lewd exhibition be at computer. If he was convicted of that offense, he would have to be a sex offender for the rest of his life. At trial, our attorney was ultimately able to convince the jury that the police acted ridiculously in this case because the client was in a chat room for people over 18. There was no way for him to even believe that the officer was a 14 year old girl, which she wasn’t in the end, justifying the case being dropped.

Many situations, like the one in this case, happen all the time. The penalties are among the most severe in the spectrum of criminal charges. Not only will there be possible lengthy jail time, but the designation of a sexual offender is an extreme hindrance on living a normal, productive life.


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    Computer Sex Crime Dropped