Felony Grand Theft and Contracting Without License Gets Dismissed!

Attorney Zahra Umansky represented a client accused of Contracting without a License and Grand Theft. The alleged offenses occurred more than five years before her client was formally accused of the offense. Attorney Umansky filed a motion to dismiss based on lack of jurisdiction because the State was trying to prosecute the Defendant past the 5-year statute of limitations. The State attempted to show the Court through testimony from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office that they had performed a diligent search of the Defendant and had, in fact, commenced prosecution before the statute of limitations. However, the Honorable Circuit Judge Belvin Perry found in favor of the Defendant based on Attorney Umansky’s argument and granted the Motion to Dismiss!

Florida Grand Theft: A Felony Offense

Grand Theft is an intentional and unlawful taking of property valued at $750 or more in Florida. Compared to other states, that threshold is considerably low. Often, the consequences for Grand Theft may result in fines much steeper than $750, in addition to prison time, probation, restitution, and a criminal record.

In Florida, Grand Theft is a third-degree felony offense that can lead to the following consequences:

  • 5 years in prison
  • 5 years probation
  • A $5,000 fine

As you can see, the consequences for Grand Theft in Florida are quite harsh. Any person facing Grand Theft charges should work with an experienced attorney to protect his rights and defend the charges against him.

If you face felony theft charges, you should understand that the sooner you acquire the services of an attorney the better a resolution he may be able to secure for your case. At the Umansky Law Firm, our Orlando criminal defense lawyers have over 100 years of combined criminal experience defending clients throughout Central Florida.

Understanding the Statute of Limitations in Florida

The Statute of Limitations varies depending on the type of crime committed. If the State seeks to pursue charges against you for an arrest that occurred years in the past, you should speak with an attorney immediately. It is possible that, like our client above, the window to take action has closed.

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    Felony Grand Theft and Contracting Without License Gets Dismissed!