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Unlike adult court prosecutions, a juvenile case is handled much differently. When it comes to juvenile court prosecutions, there are different procedures, terms and rules followed. Therefore, hiring a Kissimmee juvenile defense attorney for your child’s case is essential.

At The Umansky Law Firm, we have handled various juvenile cases and we clearly understand the anxiety that parents often undergo when their children fall in trouble with the law. We also value your child’s future career and educational options, hence that’s the reason why our team consists of aggressive criminal defense attorneys ready to defend your child before the juvenile court system.

Defenses Against a Kissimmee Juvenile Court Charge

Facing a judge and trying to defend your child against criminal charges is a daunting experience. Before a court has the chance to find that your child is delinquent, and then possibly sentence them to heavy fines or even jail time, speak with an experienced lawyer with a proven track record in juvenile court.

Your counsel’s knowledge regarding your type of case will prove invaluable in building an effective defense against Kissimmee prosecutors. Some of the approaches juvenile defense attorneys use include:

Arguing the Punishment is Too Severe

Despite a focus on rehabilitating youth in trouble with the law, Florida courts are extremely harsh when it comes to penalties for juvenile offenses. By arguing the punishment is too harsh for the charge, our lawyers can negotiate with the court to lower the severity of the allegations and work toward a diversion program instead.

Lack of Proof

In juvenile criminal investigations, it’s easy for police and other law enforcement agencies to bully a child into saying things that are not accurate, conduct searches without appropriate warrants, and try to suppress evidence. A juvenile defense lawyer will ensure your child’s rights do not get trampled by the justice system and will fight inappropriate investigation tactics aggressively.

Your Child Didn’t Commit The Crime

It happens all the time. A child walks into a store wearing a common school uniform or outfit style and the store clerk mistakenly identifies the wrong offender. Using our firm to represent your child will guarantee that all evidence and testimonies given receive the utmost scrutiny to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Aggressive Kissimmee Juvenile Defense Representation

troublesome kid in osceola countyIn any Kissimmee juvenile court case, it’s essential to determine whether the prosecutor has prepared sufficient evidence against the accused child. This helps in determining whether there’s enough proof that supports the alleged offense. The Umansky Law Firm uses all available resources to find out where the prosecutor went wrong and to determine their weaknesses. To mitigate any punishment or establish the child’s innocence, our criminal lawyers will carry out thorough investigations regarding the case and this will also help to uncover all the facts that we can use as the defense team.

In most cases, when the prosecutor has insufficient evidence, the case either gets dismissed or the court refers the case to the Juvenile Probation in order to get a recommendation regarding the child. In order to get more successful pretrial negotiations, we might consider providing the Juvenile Probation Officer with the mitigation factors that exist in the case, together with the child’s biological history. As a matter of fact, we can achieve more favorable results when our experienced attorney begins a complete investigation early in the case.

Our goal is to do whatever it takes to avoid a conviction, hence we will consider whether the following options are available to your child:

Defending Your Child in Juvenile Court

When the court lacks proper jurisdiction to hear the case or when there is insufficient evidence to support your criminal charges, we can file a ‘Motion to Dismiss.’ On the other hand, the statute of limitations, defenses, and a speedy trial can also lead to a complete dismissal.

In case there may be any lead on the illegal obtaining of evidence, we can file a pretrial ‘Motion to Suppress.’  It will be upon the prosecutor to clarify before the juvenile court that the evidence was legally collected. In addition, we will be by your side at every stage of the police officer’s investigation, including arrest, search, statements, detention and stop to challenge the State’s case.

We can do everything it takes to avoid conviction. For example, in an effort to secure a ‘withhold of adjudication,’ we can negotiate with the court and the prosecutor. Therefore, this final disposition can be your best chance to avoid a formal conviction.

Protect Your Child’s Rights with a Kissimmee Juvenile Defense Attorney

Any type of juvenile charge against your child is a serious matter that will affect them for a lifetime if not properly represented in court. Avoid your child missing out on academic dreams and future employment opportunities due to receiving an unjust or overly harsh conviction for a crime. As former prosecutors, The Umansky Law Firm can provide the knowledge and legal representation you need to help weather this challenging time for you and your child.

Our firm has more than 100 years of combined experience and understands the complexities of juvenile law. We sympathize with your dilemma as a parent whose child is facing criminal allegations in Central Florida. Our skilled team of lawyers will always put your family’s best interests first because some of us are also parents and we understand the distress you’re experiencing. Recognized as part of Florida Trend’s Legal Elite, you can trust your juvenile case issues to our care. Contact our office online or by phone to receive a free consultation and learn what your next best steps are in your Florida juvenile court case.

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