Florida Lawyer Representing Brazilian Citizens

Each year, about one million Brazilian citizens visit the sunshine state of Florida. Some come to explore the beautiful beaches or amusement parks; others are here on immigration visas, working or attending universities.

While being in the United States can be fun, it can take a turn when you are arrested and accused of a crime or suffer a serious injury.

If you are an international visitor who needs legal help for you or a loved one, you have come to the right place. Our Florida lawyers, who represent Brazilian nationals and citizens, could provide the guidance and advice you need to resolve your legal needs.

Some Differences Between American Law and Brazilian Law

The law in Florida is different than how Brazilian law works. In both countries, a person can be arrested or detained, but being arrested in Florida means the police have enough information to believe a person has committed a crime. Detention means the person is allowed to leave while the police figure out if they will arrest them. However, if the police hold a person for possibly being in Florida without a valid travel passport or visa, they might go to an immigration detention facility.

When a person is in handcuffs and in the back of a police car that starts to drive off, they are likely going to jail. Florida police can arrest or detain anyone out in public without a warrant, but the police usually need a warrant if they need to arrest someone in their home.

If convicted of a crime in Florida, non-U.S. citizens who receive jail time for longer than a year face automatic deportation after serving prison time. It is essential for a person to have their immigration documents at all times. It is also a good idea to have the contact information for a legal professional in Florida who can represent Brazilian nationals.

What To Do If You Have Been Arrested or Detained as a Brazilian Tourist

If someone is arrested or detained in Florida, here are some important things to remember:

  • Never admit to a crime
  • Listen to the police
  • Do not run or pull away
  • Ask to talk to a lawyer
  • Listen to the lawyer’s directions and legal advice

An criminal defense attorney could then speak with the local Brazilian consulate in Miami and find out what happened.

Brazilians Injured in Florida

Non-U.S. citizens hurt in car accidents, slip and falls, or other incidents while in Florida are still able to ask for monetary compensation to pay for their injuries. After an accident, a person should seek medical help and call the police to file an incident report.

Filing legal claims can be difficult even for U.S. citizens because the legal system is complicated and can take a long time. Fortunately, an injured person has the right to a personal injury attorney.

A lawyer providing legal assistance to Brazilian nationals who were hurt in Florida could speak with insurance companies and, if needed, file a personal injury case in court. They could speak with the injured tourist or visitor and determine the best way to get the money they need to pay for their medical bills.

Contact a Florida Attorney Who Represents Brazilian Citizens

Since police in Florida are not required to contact the Brazilian Consulate’s office in Miami, a lawyer will usually only come right away if the person asks to call one. You should be able to see a judge within 24 hours, but sometimes it can take longer.

If you or a loved one are facing jail time or have been injured in an accident, a Florida lawyer who represents Brazilian citizens can speak with you today. Please call The Umansky Law Firm for a free consultation.

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