MDMA Case Dropped

A client of Zahra Umansky’s at The Umansky Law Firm was arrested as part of an undercover sting operation with law enforcement. The police had set up an undercover operation utilizing what’s called a “confidential informant”, or CI. The CI had organized a buy what was alleged to be MDMA. During this alleged transaction, law enforcement came in, arrested the client, and did what’s called a “presumptive test” on the pills that they recovered from my client.

These pills tested positive for alleged MDMA, or ecstasy, as it is commonly known. Attorney Umansky’s client was adamant that what he possessed was not a MDMA, the substance was sent to a lab, FDLI, and it came back that it was not MDMA, and that it actually was not even a controlled substance at the time of the alleged offense. Attorney Umansky filed the motion to dismiss, based on constitutional grounds, and had the charges dismissed against him.

MDMA is becoming increasingly more prevalent in the eyes of the DEA for causing deaths at music festivals as of late. The further aware law enforcement is of this drug, its derivatives, and the impact it has on the youth, the more likely they will prosecute users and handlers with the full extent of the law. Even if this is a recreational drug that arguably doesn’t provoke harm unto others, the amount of harm this can do to an individual that isn’t aware of the dosage they are consuming can be detrimental to their well-being. Like other drugs, there isn’t a ‘recommended’ dosage, making the drug truly inherently deadly.

The court granted the motion and the prosecutor actually considered the motion, which means the prosecutor agreed to the dismissal of the counts. Therefore, the client was originally charged with trafficking MDMA and the prosecutor in this case subsequently charged the client with selling and delivery of the controlled substance. Attorney Zahra Umansky was successful in getting all charges dismissed against him. If you have a case that deals with MDMA and either the possession, manufacturing, and trafficking of it, please contact one of our attorneys today.

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    MDMA Case Dropped