Second Felony Violation of Probation Case Dismissed

Our client was charged with Violation of Probation after originally being placed on Probation for a Felony Drug Charge. Our client violated the first time and was admonished and put back on probation. The client violated his probation again a few months later. The violations alleged that the client did not report to his probation officer and was behind in completing his community service hours. The client hired our firm, and we got into the case and immediately filed a Motion to Set Bond.

This was granted, and we got a bondsman for the client to do a walk through at the Orange County Jail and bonded out. Over the next few months, we worked with the Court and the Client to get enough time for the client to nearly complete the client’s community services hours. At the final Court date, after much begging, we convinced the Court to admonish the client for the second time. This allowed the client to stay out of jail, maintain his withhold of adjudication, and save his driver’s license. This case shows that it is not only important to retain a notable lawyer for your case because of their ability to put together the best possible defense, but also because of their relationships with bondsmen in the central Florida area that enable you to further the convenience of getting through your criminal charge.

Restrictions of Probation

When an individual is put on probation, the court system sees it as giving the individual an opportunity to rehabilitate without being put in jail. It is considered a lighter sentence for that reason exclusively; however, there are still terms of probation that individuals must abide by. Violating probation can result in the individual getting the harshest penalty possible, landing them behind bars and often hefty fines to pay as well.

In this case, the individual was charged with violating his probation for the second time which could’ve easily landed him in prison. However, through retaining staunch legal representation, he was able to stay out of jail and not have any additional penalties or probation requirements administered.

Some of the most common probation requirements include:

  • Completing community service
  • Attending drug, alcohol, or other court-ordered counseling
  • Paying fines
  • Paying restitution to victims
  • Reporting to your probation officer
  • Obtaining and maintaining employment
  • Staying within a specific perimeter, such as your city or town
  • Abstaining from using drugs

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    Second Felony Violation of Probation Case Dismissed