Out-of-State Client from Georgia in Florida on Vacation Avoids Probation on a Misdemeanor Drug Charge and Lake County

The client was living in Georgia while they were in Florida on vacation. The client was pulled over and arrested for possession of marijuana. The client then did not want to do any sort of probation program. Umansky Law Firm attorney convinced the prosecutor not to give the client probation. They would only have to show proof of a negative drug screen and take a drug evaluation. The client also did not have to return to the state of Florida. Our criminal defense attorney sent the client a written plea form she had prepared and the client was able to fill out the plea form. The client then sent it back to our attorney, who was able to go to court on the client’s behalf, entering the plea for him. Our attorney was able to sign his paperwork and close the case without the client having to travel back to the state of Florida.

Considerations for Out-of-State Criminal Suspects

People often assume that since they received a charge in a particular jurisdiction, they must remain in that area and see through the court proceedings. This is not necessarily true as many aspects play a role in such instances. It is vital to know that, for starters, states have the jurisdiction to prosecute any crimes that occur in the state. In regards to whether or not an out-of-state suspect can benefit from obtaining local legal counsel has much to do with the type of crime one is charged with committing:

  • Misdemeanors: Those charged with a misdemeanor can have a local attorney represent them in court without the charged individual having to be present. The lawyer will stand in for the defendant in court; however, the defendant will be responsible for any sentence that results from court proceedings.
  • Felonies:  Those charged with felonies may obtain local legal counsel; however, they may still be required to appear in court or post bail.

Posting bail can be the most favorable option for individuals who face out-of-state felony charges and would like to return home until the court date. If an individual posts bail, leaves town, and returns for their court date, the bail amount will be refunded. However, if an individual posts bail, fails to acquire local legal representation, and skips the court date, an arrest warrant can be issued. This can result in the individual getting picked up by law enforcement in their residing state and be extradited back to the state they picked up the charge in.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orlando

Traveling back and forth between states because of a crime you committed is extremely troublesome.  Retaining a lawyer in the state you did the crime is possible, and depending on your charge, you may not have to appear for a single court arrangement.  Seek a law firm that feels comfortable making this arrangement with you.

The criminal defense lawyers at  The Umansky Law Firm can analyze the facts of your case and provide local legal representation to your benefit.  Contact us today at 407-228-3838 for a free case evaluation.

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    Out-of-State Client from Georgia in Florida on Vacation Avoids Probation on a Misdemeanor Drug Charge and Lake County