Theft from Home Depot

Though not as common as many retail stores, the legal consequences acquired by stealing from Home Depot are just as bad.

Client was charged with Petit Theft in Seminole County. Allegedly client stole pallets from a Home Depot parking lot. Client indicated that he thought they were trash and could be taken. However, witnesses were listed that indicated that Client had previously been told not to take the pallets.

Client was previously charged with Grand Theft so he didn’t qualify for a diversion/ first offender program. Prosecutor originally offered a plea to the petit theft charge.

The client did not want to have a crime of dishonesty or false statement on his record. We discussed with the client the possible defenses for the case if it went to trial. Based on this discussion the client decided to go to trial. After a long day waiting to pick a jury, we finally broke down the prosecutor who offered a disorderly conduct plea to resolve the case. The client was able to avoid probation and a crime of dishonesty or false statement on his record. Client also received a withhold of adjudication which would make him eligible to seal the disorderly conduct if he chooses.

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    Theft from Home Depot