Theft From Calvin Klein Case

The Case

A client was charged with Grand Theft from her employer, Calvin Klein. She and a co-worker were fired for theft from their employer. They were accused of taking money from the retailer by “returning” items that were never purchased and putting the money back on their individual cards. The client was a college graduate and had a bright future ahead of her. She was involved in multiple extra-curricular activities and did extensive community service work. Theft cases that turn into severe criminal charges are even more damaging because of their ability to affect college students. The last thing a student wants is the result of them losing their scholarship, ability to attend school, and strive for a bright future because of one lapse of judgment.

Attorney Gergely was able to persuade the prosecutor that if the client could pay all of the restitution up front on the day of the plea, then she would only be pleading to a misdemeanor offense, Petit Theft, rather than the much more serious felony offense. The client was able to make full restitution and was able to plea to a misdemeanor. This will be a charge that she will be on probation for 6 months to a year, but then will be able to seal and legally deny this ever happened. This will not only be beneficial maintaining a solid education path, but also for applying to careers after graduation and not worrying about the kinds of things that will come up on a record.

The Takeaway

Retail jobs are often prime opportunities for college students as they have flexible hours and provide discounts at stores they like to shop at. Although it may just be another job to some, it can result in serious consequences when foul play occurs. In this instance, two employees were charged with grand theft, meaning that they allegedly stole $750 or more worth of clothes from the store. Even though they technically returned the stolen goods, they collected a refund for products they never purchased in the first place.

Grand theft of $750 or more is a third-degree felony charge, and a conviction could result in:

  • Up to 5 years in prison
  • A $5,000 fine

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    Theft From Calvin Klein Case