Bullying of Minors Case

Bullying is an increasingly serious matter in the state of Florida.

The State Attorneys’ office treats allegations of school bullying very seriously. A 17 year old girl was accused of jumping into another girl’s car and trying to beat her up with the help of a friend. The alleged victim kicked the two attackers out of the car and fled to her home. Her two attackers allegedly chased her into her house to continue to beat her up. The young lady who was an Umansky Law Firm client had never been in trouble before, and the alleged victim received no injury except for a red mark which was gone in a day. Despite the lack of prior history or injury to the victim the State decided to charge her as an adult, seeking extensive prison time. The state steadfastly refused to come off their prison offer.

After depositions where the victim’s mother indicated that perhaps the two attackers never intentionally entered the victim’s home, the state offered to charge one of the two counts which is punishable by life in prison. The Umansky Attorney pled the case open to the court, filing extensive letters in support of the client, detailing her job, community service, continuing education, as well as witness statements arguing that the client was not the primary aggressor. The client was sentenced today and was able to avoid a criminal conviction as well as any incarceration. This was a tough case in view of the fact that according to her Florida sentencing guidelines the judge would have to sentence her to three years of prison.

The only reason this did not happen is that the Umansky attorney was able to convince the judge that the incident was isolated, that it was committed in an unsophisticated manner, and that the defendant showed true remorse.

Bullying cases in Orlando are handled in the same regard as other criminal cases. This is one example of common juvenile crimes that occur in Florida. If you need a case of bullying represented by a professional organization, contact the Orlando attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm at (407)228-3838.

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    Bullying of Minors Case