Orange County Violation of Probation Dropped

An attorney with The Umansky Law Firm was recently successful in getting a client’s felony violation of probation charge dismissed.

The case stemmed from a 2007 grand theft charge where the client was placed on probation. Shortly after being placed on probation, the client was violated for leaving the State of Florida, failing to report to his probation officer, failing to complete the required community service hours, failing to write a letter of apology to the victim in the underlying case, failing to complete an impulse control class, failing to pay restitution and failing to pay all fines and court costs associated with the case.

He contacted our firm in late 2012 and was ready to deal with the issue. A warrant for his arrest had been outstanding for more than 4 years. When the Judge issued the warrant, it was specifically ordered that he be held without bond. Knowing that he may go to prison for several years, the client was obviously extremely concerned.

We arranged a time for the client to turn himself in to the Orange County Jail and were present when he appeared before the Judge 24 hours later. The attorney successfully argued and convinced the Judge to release the client on his own recognizance without having to post any bond.

Immediately upon his release, the attorney was successful in working with the client to ensure he paid his restitution, got caught up with his court costs and fines, wrote a letter of apology to the victim in the underlying case, and successfully completed the impulse control class and all required community service hours.

At the start of the case, his assigned probation officer wanted the client to spend at least 1 year incarcerated for violating his probation. However, the attorney spoke with the probation officer on several occasions and worked closely with her in making sure the client completed all conditions of probation.

The client was scheduled to re-appear in court in late March 2013 where it would be determined what he would ultimately be sentenced to. At the court hearing, the attorney pointed out all of the conditions the client had completed and argued that the violations were only technical in nature and that the client had not picked up any new charges or been arrested since being placed on probation. The attorney also pointed out the fact that the client turned himself in on his own free will and took the probation serious enough to complete and satisfy all outstanding requirements.

After hearing argument, the Judge agreed to dismiss the violation of probation charge and the client was free to leave without any further consequence. This was a true case about second chances.

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    Orange County Violation of Probation Dropped