Concealed Weapon Case Dropped

Orlando Defense Lawyers Get Concealed Weapon at Airport Case Dropped Against Client

An attorney at the Umansky Law Firm helped a client who faced charges for carrying a concealed firearm inside a place where he was not permitted to have one. Those who possess a concealed weapons permit, which the client did have in this case, should be aware that some places prohibit firearms even with the permit. In this case, the client had taken his gun to Orlando International Airport. Unfortunately, all airports prohibit firearms, even with a license to carry a concealed firearm. The client had unknowingly left his gun in a bag he was carrying onto the plane. Once he walked through security, TSA noticed the gun. Police promptly arrested the client.

After the client’s arrest, he consulted with our attorney at the Umansky Law Firm to state his defense. He explained the situation and the actions he took to show that he had not intended to have the gun at the airport. On the way to the airport, he had contacted family members, including his mom, to tell them that he thought he had left the gun out in the open in his house. This shows that he tried to be responsible for the weapon by alerting someone that the gun was readily accessible inside his house. Soon enough, our attorney’s client discovered that he had actually left it in a bag that he took to the airport.

These family members wrote sworn statements, and we were able to provide phone records to show that the client did, in fact, call them to let them know about the gun. Our attorneys also provided statutory legal research from the State Attorney’s office, to show that the client’s defense was an accurate account of how events unfolded. Our lawyers were able to show through research that the client didn’t know he had the gun with him at the airport.

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Through the affidavit and information that our attorney provided to the prosecutor, we were able to convince the prosecutor that he, in fact, did not know that he had a gun in his bag. Therefore, after the Umansky Law Firm Attorney showed the State all of this information, as well as the fact that the client was an outstanding citizen and was a member of the military, and had served in several wars, being a veteran, the State decided to drop the charges.

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    Concealed Weapon Case Dropped