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    Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer

    Serious injuries due to accidents are an unfortunate part of life. While many of these incidents will result in a complete medical recovery, they can still cause frustrating challenges that impact you on a personal and financial level. Dealing with serious injuries is rarely easy but it can be especially challenging when the accident was the fault of another person.

    If you suffered physical harm due to the negligence of another party, you could be entitled to compensation. Working with a skilled personal injury attorney could provide you with the opportunity you need to secure a financial award. You could benefit substantially by relying on the guidance of an Orlando personal injury lawyer.

    Common Examples of a Personal Injury in Orlando

    The area of the law known as personal injury encompasses many different types of accidents. Our lawyers have experience taking the reins in the following cases:

    In any situation where another party acted negligently, a person in Orlando can call up a personal injury lawyer to take the lead on their case.

    Damages in an Injury Case

    There are serious financial, emotional, and physical repercussions that can come with a severe physical injury since they often upend a family’s budget and impact a person’s ability to enjoy their life to the fullest. An Orlando personal injury attorney could utilize their knowledge of Florida law to recover enough compensation to ease those challenges. Compensation is available in several different ways.

    Medical Bills

    It is not unusual for the cost of medical care following an accident to be overwhelming. Even brief visits to the emergency room can be expensive, to say nothing of critical long-term care. A civil suit could recover the cost of expenses like ambulance rides, surgical procedures, or prescription medications.

    Pain and Suffering

    Physical pain is typically present in the immediate aftermath of a personal injury. Because this pain would not have occurred if not for the negligence of the responsible party, it is possible to seek monetary damages from the person who was at fault.

    Lost Wages

    Severe injuries can mean long stretches of being unable to work due to the recovery. Missing work can lead to unexpected financial strain, especially when the injured party is the primary provider for their family. Replacing these lost wages could be possible through a civil lawsuit.


    Some catastrophic injuries result in permanent scars or physical disfigurement. Disfigurements can make all aspects of life more challenging and could even lead to emotional trauma. Compensation could be available when negligence results in disfigurement.

    The Deadline to File a Lawsuit

    Every person considering legal action in Orlando following a serious injury has a limited period of time to file their case. The right to file a lawsuit is limited by a deadline known as the statute of limitations. This statute varies from one state to another but injured parties in Florida typically have four years to file a lawsuit. A dedicated Orlando accident injury attorney could help keep track of that deadline.

    Filing a lawsuit after the statute expires might mean that an injured party walks away with nothing. Outside of some rare exceptions, the court might have no other option but to dismiss a personal injury lawsuit with prejudice if it violates the statute of limitations.

    Any delay could be problematic for your personal injury case. In addition to risking the violation of the statute of limitations, putting off a lawsuit until the last possible minute could limit an attorney’s ability to thoroughly investigate the case.

    Contact an Orlando Personal Injury Attorney as Soon as Possible

    A debilitating accident does not have cost you the ability to enjoy the rest of your life. Even when you are living with life-altering consequences, you could address these hardships with the financial compensation available through a civil lawsuit.

    Client-first representation is at the very heart of our firm. It means that each client we work with will be cared about, valued, understood, and heard. It is the core principle that governs how we operate as individual attorneys and as a united and spirited legal team. Our expansive roster of highly rated personal injury lawyers and passionate support staff are committed to excellence. That means that we:

    • Work hard for each client
    • Keep you updated on your case
    • Try to obtain maximum compensation
    • Are concerned about your well-being and your future

    Let one of our tenacious Orlando personal injury lawyers help you secure the compensation that you need. Contact us today and schedule a private consultation.

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