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Florida law makes it illegal for people to provide, receive, or request to receive sexual or lewd services for money. If you face a prostitution charge, you may have many questions and are unsure where to turn. Help is available from our experienced defense attorneys so you do not have to fight these charges alone.

An Orlando prostitution lawyer can make a difference in the outcome of a case. Our team has valuable experience helping individuals defend against the charges and limit the potential consequences.

What is Prostitution?

Florida law defines prostitution as the exchange of money for using someone’s body for sexual or lewd purposes, whether that is the person receiving or giving the money. Included in the legal definition of sex is the touching, fondling, or penetration of the genitals or the anus with an object, hand, genitals, or another body part. If the charge involves touching or fondling, the prosecution typically must prove that the touching was for the purpose of masturbation.

The law also bans lewdness, broadly defined as an indecent or obscene act. It even goes a step further and makes it illegal to set up an appointment with someone to receive sexual or lewd services, regardless of whether the people involved go through with the arrangement. The prosecution may also charge someone with a crime if they knowingly rent or provide a space for others to engage in prostitution.

Prostitution lawyers in Orlando are familiar with the sometimes-technical legal definitions used by prosecutors and the court. They could help someone accused of a crime understand the charges against them and devise a strategy to defend their rights.

What Are the Penalties for Prostitution?

Florida law increases the penalties for a prostitution charge based on the type of offense, who was involved, the number of previous violations, and the individual’s criminal record. For example, if this is the first time the court finds that person guilty of prostitution, the accused may receive a lower misdemeanor charge. Those with prior convictions may face a higher felony charge.

The court may also require a convicted person to participate in a community service program. Likewise, they may need to attend educational programs about the impacts of prostitution and human trafficking on those involved and on the surrounding community. Finally, the court may ask the person to pay fines or serve a prison sentence.

If someone faces a prostitution charge, they may benefit from having an advocate who can provide on-point and nonjudgmental legal services. Orlando attorneys who practice prostitution defense can lend an unbiased ear to determine what occurred and fight for their client’s rights.

What Are the Defenses to a Prostitute Charge?

Someone accused of prostitution has legal avenues they can use to defend against the charges. For example, they can explain that the sexual contact was for bona fide medical purposes or between two consenting adults without the exchange of money.

Other defenses might be to attack the basis of the charges, such as by indicating they did not make, intend to make, or follow through on an agreement for sexual or lewd services. For example, the person might say they thought they were making an appointment for a legal exotic dancing club or massage parlor, not illegal prostitution. In some cases, an accused might argue that undercover law enforcement convinced them to engage in something they did not freely or knowingly agree to do.

Prostitution cases, and the defenses available to the accused, can rely heavily on the facts involved in the charge. An Orlando attorney regularly helps people navigate these uncharted waters and fiercely fights for them in court.

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Defending yourself against prostitution charges is not likely to result in success. Hiring a dependable attorney can provide much-needed relief and confidence during this time of your life.

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