Florida Lawyer Representing Colombian Citizens

Florida is like a second home for many Colombians. With resorts, cruises, and music festivals, it is an enjoyable travel experience, in addition to an employment and education destination. However, visiting any country comes with the possibility of being trapped in its legal system.

Foreign visitors and tourists need legal help if they are accused of a crime or are hurt due to someone else’s actions. Legal situations can cause a lot of stress and it can be hard to find the help you need.

A Florida lawyer representing Colombian citizens impacted by the American legal system could help take care of your problem.

What To Do When in Police Custody

A lawyer can provide more information, but here are some suggestions to follow when in police custody in Florida:

  • Do not say anything about possible criminal involvement
  • Follow police instructions
  • Do not speak to police until legal help arrives
  • Do not try to leave
  • Request a call to a criminal defense lawyer

A Colombian citizen who is in custody while in Florida could use the legal advice of a lawyer who assists Colombian nationals in the U.S. accused of being involved in criminal activity.

Rules for Police Custody in the U.S.

The United States and Colombia have two separate legal systems with many different rules. Just like each of the 32 departments in Colombia have slightly different laws, the 50 states in the U.S.A. do as well. Florida is no different.

Once police stop a person in Florida, they will usually ask for identification paperwork, such as a license, visa, student ID, or passport. A Colombian citizen should keep all identifying documents on them at all times, as well as information for a lawyer. If no identification documents are shown to police, the person can be sent to an immigration detention facility.

If the police arrest a person for allegedly breaking the law, the person could go to jail. If a foreign citizen receives a conviction of a crime in Florida — or any U.S. state — they will be sent back to their home country if they are confined in a correctional facility for longer than 12 months.

No one wants to deal with criminal charges while visiting a country. A Florida attorney could try to make a deal to get the person back home to Colombia or defend them from the charges.

Colombians Injured While Visiting Florida

Sadly, car accidents and other types of injuries do happen often in Florida. Colombian citizens can find themselves hurt in a serious accident. It is vital for any tourist to get insurance with a rental car they use while visiting. After getting hurt in an accident, they should get immediate medical help and make sure they file a police report.

Non-U.S. citizens can face significant challenges trying to get money for their injuries from insurance companies or the negligent person. A skilled personal injury attorney could help a Colombian citizen file a claim and get the money they need to pay the medical bills.

Call a Florida Attorney Who Represents Colombian Citizens

No one wants to be stuck in jail in a foreign country or placed in a hospital after an accident. If you are, then you will want to get a message to your family in Colombia to let them know what is going on.

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