Client Who Got Charged With Accident Still Receives Policy Limits

We represented a personal trainer who was found at fault for an intersection car accident. There was a dispute as to who ran the red light. Our client believed she had the right of way. Attorney William Umansky was able to get the ticket dropped due to insufficient evidence and pursued a claim against the Defendant’s Insurance Company and client’s Uninsured Motorist Carrier for their policy limits. Client had a fractured ankle and wrist and had to have a couple of surgeries to try and deal with her injuries. Despite the fact, she got the ticket for the accident, we were able to settle her case or policy limits of $200,000.00 without the need for a lawsuit.

Many people think that just because they are at fault, they will have no entitlement for compensation in the case of an accident. Though this isn’t a terrible assumption, it is right of the individual to retain a lawyer and act on the evidence that surrounds the case. In the instance of a bad car accident, it may be tedious and intimidating to defend yourself in a situation of harsh reproach and conviction. Having someone by your side may make the difference between a undesirable outcome and being able to get your life back on track as quickly as possible.

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    Client Who Got Charged With Accident Still Receives Policy Limits