Client Gets Expired Tag Case Dropped After Second Time Being Charged

Attorney William Umansky of the Umansky Law Firm represented an engineer who got charged a second time for driving with an expired tag. Unfortunately, it was the client’s second offense and he was charged with a crime by the Seminole County Sheriff’s deputy. After we were hired, we negotiated with the prosecutor and were able to get the criminal charge dropped. The client never even had to make a court appearance.

Though it would seem an expired tag isn’t exactly the most severe of crimes an individual can commit, multiple offenses of the same crime can eventually result in penalties that are equal to a crimes typically perceived as serious. To think that there may be jail time for this kind of crime may seem shocking, but at the same time it is considered to be in the same realm as refusing to pay toll violations, speeding tickets, parking tickets, and other fines that may reach delinquency and require action to be taken.

Repeating an offense such as being pulled over a second time for an expired tag can have serious consequences, such as jail time. If you need a Florida traffic lawyer to handle your case, please call The Umansky Law Firm today at (407)228-3838. We handle all kinds of traffic violations, many of which are moving violations, but ones such as expired tags may be non-moving. Though commonly not as severe, ignoring or dismissing non-moving violations as a lesser priority may eventually land you serious fines and/or jail time.

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    Client Gets Expired Tag Case Dropped After Second Time Being Charged