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When facing a charge for a sex-related crime, the legal and personal impact can be life-altering. The stigma associated with it can be even more damaging, leading to job loss, estrangement from family, and even divorce. If you have been charged with a sex crime it is important that you contact a criminal defense attorney immediately.

The Orlando sex crime lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm have over 100 years of combined experience representing individuals facing a range of sex offenses. With a legal team consisting of former prosecutors on the state and local level, we are abreast of the tactics implemented by a prosecutor pursuing a sex crime conviction. We can use our insight to stay a step ahead of the prosecution to best position you for a favorable outcome.

Sexual Offenses In Florida

The area of law governing sex crimes is complex and involves many different offenses with laws requiring interpretation from a seasoned attorney. For this reason and many others, it is vital that those facing sex crime charges acquire legal representation from a law firm experienced handling a range of sex crime cases. Our team at The Umansky Law Firm has experience defending clients charged with:

The penalties for committing any of these crimes vary depending on the severity of the crime and the individual’s criminal history. Be sure you have a sex crimes attorney in Orlando who can protect your best interests throughout the negotiation and trial process.

Orlando Sex Crimes Penalties

Although there are different consequences depending on the sex crime you are charged with there are a few penalties that are applied to all felony sex offenses in Florida.

  • Sex Offender Registration: If you are convicted of a sexually-related felony in Florida you have to register with the state and the National Sexual Offender Registry.
  • Imprisonment: Though it varies depending on the crime, all sexual felonies in Florida carry a mandatory prison sentence.
  • Civil Commitment Proceedings: If you have been convicted of a sex-related felony, the State Attorney may seek to have the offender admitted to a commitment facility after the completion of their criminal sentence.
  • Probation: Once a person who has been convicted of a sex crime is released, he will be put on Sex Offender Probation. This probation regulates where you can live, work, imposes a curfew and, requires sexual offender counseling.

Orlando Sex Crimes Defense Strategies

Defending someone charged with a sex-related crime is much more difficult than other criminal charges. Typically sex crimes have specialized police and attorneys and sex crimes prosecutors generally have much more experience than most.

As former prosecutors ourselves, we are well-versed on how these kinds of cases are handled. There are several types of defense strategies that may be admissible including:

  • False Charges: Sometimes people bring false charges of sexual assault to cover up consensual sex if it would be damaging to the person’s reputation.
  • False Memory Syndrome: False memory syndrome can come into play when children make allegations that they have been victimized. The questions that an authority figure asks a child can cause the child to say and remember things that didn’t really occur.
  • Illegal Search and Seizure: If photos, computer files, or other materials were confiscated from you, and the search and seizure was improperly handled by the police,  the obtained evidence is inadmissible.
  • Entrapment: Were you entrapped to commit a crime you would not normally have committed? If so, charges can be dropped.
  • Computer Hacking: Did someone hack into your computer and download images that you would never have downloaded yourself? If so, the charges won’t stick.

Learn how you may be able to expunge a sex offense in Florida.

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