Client Facing 2nd DUI Case Gets Charge Dropped

Our DUI Lawyer Attorney Gergely succeeded in getting a 2nd DUI case for a client dropped. Client was charged with second DUI charge of his young life. His first DUI charge occurred when he was in college and the client pled guilty without a lawyer. The second DUI charge occurred recently in Orange County. The most recent arrest occurred when the Client was out celebrating his recent graduation from pharmacy school. He had taken his last board exam the day he was arrested. He had gone out to celebrate with friends and was driving home when the officer pulled him over.

The officer wrote in her report that the client almost side swiped her vehicle. The officer then indicated she pulled behind the client and he was swerving all over the road. The officer testified at a Motion to suppress hearing that the client was swerving over the fog lines 2 to 3 feet. While Attorney Gergely had never been to that exact location, based on her client’s description of the area, she knew that this testimony could not be true.

Attorney Gergely knew that there was a curb along the stretch of road in which the officer testified that client had gone 2 to 3 feet over the fog line. Attorney Gergely knew that with the curb present what the Officer was testifying to could not be true. Further, Attorney Gergely was able to point out some mistakes that the officer made in her investigation leading to suppression of some critical evidence in the State of Florida’s case. After the hearing was over, our lawyer of The Umansky Law Firm got the prosecutor additional pictures and video from the area in which the traffic stop occurred. Based on misinformation, the prosecutor agreed that the police officers testimony was no longer credible. The prosecutor agreed to drop the case against the client.

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    Client Facing 2nd DUI Case Gets Charge Dropped