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The criminal justice system is one composed of two kinds of people; the accused and the legal experts. As the accused, it can feel as if the chips are stacked against you from Day 1. No matter the grounds of your arrest, being charged can be just as harmful as being convicted. Once your family hears about your arrest, they may assume that you are guilty of all charges and ignore your pleas of innocence.

Without the financial support of relatives and friends, your only option for legal representation may be a public defender who’s likely overwhelmed with dozens of other cases. He or she will be up against a prosecutor whose job is to simply put “bad guys” away, and once charged, you’re seen as the “bad guy” to many. Improve your chances of minimizing possible criminal penalties by acquiring a local criminal defense lawyer.

The Orange County criminal defense lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm are here to serve as your legal ally throughout the entirety of your criminal case. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team of qualified professionals understands what it takes to defend against criminal charges sufficiently. Our legal team consists of past state and local prosecutors who can apply their inside knowledge of how the other side approaches a case to your benefit. Get in touch with an Orange County, FL criminal defense lawyer who can start constructing your defense today.

Common Criminal Offenses in Orange County, FL

It is not rare for an individual to be charged with multiple criminal offenses while allegedly committing one crime. When this happens, you want to be sure that you have a lawyer on your side who is aware of the parameters for each charge individually, therefore improving your chances of a successful case. The criminal defense lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm have experience defending against charges for:

The right attorney knows the potential penalties you face for each charge and precedents set by past rulings. He or she can implement that insight to help minimize penalties; but the only way to expose yourself to such professional services is by taking action, fast.

Immediate Actions After an Orange County, FL Arrest

The hours and days following an arrest for a criminal offense can be filled with mixed emotions. You may be angry at the fact that you are stuck in jail with no money for bail or anxious as you ponder the possible charges you’ll face. These emotions often cloud your ability to reason and can result in you allowing precious time to pass leading up to your court hearing.

Although your thoughts may be running rampant, it is vital that you understand the importance of acquiring legal representation early. Your attorney can help ensure that you don’t compromise your defense by speaking with law enforcement, help you settle on a plea, and build a strong defense for your case if it goes to trial. To expose yourself to such legal services, you should waste no time in acquiring an aggressive criminal defense lawyer.

Retain an Aggressive Orange County Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Orange County, FL criminal defense lawyers with The Umansky Law Firm are ready and willing to provide your case with the legal attention it deserves. By conducting a thorough analysis of case details and implementing proven-effective legal strategies, we can help mitigate your criminal case. Everyone deserves a second chance. Get yours by calling for a free case evaluation.

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