Possession of Marijuana Case Dismissed

Criminal Defense Attorneys at the Umansky law Firm were able to get case of misdemeanor possession of marijuana thrown out for a young man who is seeking citizenship in the United States. Our client, a 17 year old young man, was discovered to be in possession of marijuana by law enforcement. Rather than arrest him, the officer issued him a notice to appear in court. Unfortunately, as the young man was only 17 at the time of the offense, adult court did not have jurisdiction over his case. While the State Attorney’s Office could have properly proceeded against the young man in juvenile court, the firm’s attorneys convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the case outright.

If you are a juvenile caught with illegal drugs like the one in this case, contact an Orlando juvenile attorney at The Umansky Law Firm today. Our drug possession lawyers have extensive experience in this area of the law. The law does have its differences between an adult and a juvenile, and sometimes these differences can be subtle. It is up to an experienced attorney that understands juvenile law to be able to use this to the advantage of the defense, and most times get the case reduced to a much lower charge. Even in the case where the juvenile isn’t from the country and is not a legitimate United States citizen, it is still up to the ability of the lawyer to be able to defend the client to the best of their ability.

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Attorney Zahra Umansky represented a client charged with possession of cannabis <20 grams & possession of drug paraphernalia – both carry a potential maximum penalty of 1 year in jail, 1 year probation & $1000 fine. Attorney Umansky was able to negotiate a plea offer for her client that was for a fine and court costs only. Attorney Umansky was able to prevent her client from being convicted on the possession of cannabis charge which carries a two year driver’s license suspension.


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    Possession of Marijuana Case Dismissed