Manufacturing Charge and Trafficking Charge Dropped!

Attorney Zahra Umansky of the Umansky Law Firm represented a client charged with manufacturing methamphetamine which carries a mandatory minimum sentence. The client was facing three years in prison for a very serious felony charge. Manufacturing methamphetamine is also a charge that is not sealable if the defendant pleads to it regardless of adjudication being withheld. Attorney Umansky was successful in getting the State to reduce the Felony to a misdemeanor possession charge for her client. The client will now be eligible to seal their record after a very short period of probation!

In another case, Attorney Zahra Umansky was successful in getting the State to reduce a trafficking in Oxycodone charge to simple possession for her client. The client originally faced a mandatory minimum 3 years prison sentence for the trafficking charge. A trafficking charge also carries a mandatory conviction and therefore cannot be sealed or expunged. Attorney Umansky was able to obtain a withhold of adjudication which means no conviction (and therefore is eligible to be sealed) and a probationary term for her client! Attorney Umansky also negotiated with the State that there be no special conditions of probation such as community service or drug treatment. The only condition of probation the client has to complete is paying court costs. Furthermore, Attorney Umansky also convinced the State to agree to early termination of probation once the client pays the court costs in full!


Aggressive Drug Crime Lawyers in Orlando

Drug crimes are some of the most serious, especially in Florida. Felony drug offenses carry mandatory minimum sentences which require the defendant to at least serve that in addition to whatever other penalties the judge may see fit including additional prison time and fines. This is why it is so important to have an attorney who can mitigate your case and have charges lessened from a felony to a misdemeanor when possible

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    Manufacturing Charge and Trafficking Charge Dropped!