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A serious fall can happen almost anywhere. They often occur outside due to wet conditions, or indoors because of a hazard that was left unaddressed by the property owner. While many falls do not produce any long-lasting injuries, sometimes they can require hospitalization and have far-reaching consequences.

If you suffered serious bodily harm after a fall, a hard-working personal injury attorney could help you pursue the financial compensation you need to address your financial losses. In most cases, the owner or manager of the property on which you slipped will be the defendant in the lawsuit. An Orlando slip and fall lawyer could help you properly prove negligence and maximize your compensatory damages during this process.

Who is Responsible for Slip and Fall Injuries?

There could be a variety of parties that bear responsibility for a slip and fall accident. Typically, these lawsuits target the owner of the property where the fall occurred. It could also be possible to pursue a claim against the occupier of the property, including businesses that rent the premises. Our Orlando slip and fall attorneys frequently represent people who have been injured while shopping, dining, or conducting business on a property that was unsafe for the public. We win money damages for clients who were injured on poorly-maintained commercial, residential, and public property.


Many falling accidents occur on the premises of businesses that are open to the public. While accidents can happen at any business, they are especially common in places like grocery stores or restaurants. The combination of large crowds, loose items, and spilled liquids can lead to a high number of accidental falls. These businesses have a legal responsibility to clean up hazards as quickly as possible and/or put up a sign that warns others to watch their step.

Government Agencies

Falls are not uncommon on government property. This includes incidents both within government-owned buildings and out in public spaces, like parks. Potholes on public roads are also the government’s responsibility and could pose a tripping hazard to a pedestrian. While it is possible to pursue a case against a state or local government, it is important to understand that there are often additional legal challenges that come with these cases, such as only having three years to file suit instead of four.


Not all falls occur in public places. If a person trips and falls on the private property of another person, they could be entitled to compensation as well. Private property owners have the same responsibilities to their guests as places that are held open for the public. As long as a person has permission to be on private property, they should expect a degree of care from the owner when it comes to tripping hazards.

Compensation After a Fall

Individuals who have been hurt in a fall could recover an array of financial compensation, which will largely depend on the extent of their injuries. An Orlando slip and fall attorney could provide legal guidance into the types of damages that might be available. Some potential damages include:

  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical costs
  • Diminished future earning power
  • Disfigurement
  • Mental anguish

Many injury cases involving negligence ultimately result in a financial settlement. Before a case can settle, it is necessary for the plaintiff to identify the types of damages that they require in order to address all of their losses. An attorney could review all of the available evidence and advise them as to what the case could be worth.

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A slip and fall accident should not deal a blow to your bank account or decrease your ability to enjoy life. While a personal injury lawsuit cannot erase the pain, financial compensation could help you adjust to your short-term and long-term challenges. An Orlando slip and fall lawyer could lead you through the litigation process step by step, so call for a private consultation right away.

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