Client Gets Stalking and Resisting Officer Without Violence Charges Dropped

A 40-year-old client spiraled into a psychotic state and allegedly committed the offense of stalking and resisting officer without filing. When the client was arrested he was seen at the Jail and booked into Lakeside Behavioral Health Center on an extended Baker Act hold. The client’s parents did not understand how or why their son was being held at Lakeside Behavioral Health Center. When the client’s family first hired the Umansky Law Firm attorneys, the client was still in Lakeside Behavioral Health Center. His parents hired the firm on his behalf. After much negotiation with the pretrial release program and mental health services at the jail, our attorneys convinced them to let the client go on mental-health pretrial release.

After months of negotiation with the prosecutor, our attorneys convinced the prosecutor’s office to put the client in a rarely used program called “Mental Health Court”. The client had to stay compliant with Mental Health Court and our attorneys went to monthly court appearances with the client. The Umansky Law Firm attorneys worked closely with the mental health unit out of the jail as well as the Lakeside Behavioral Health Center. After the client became compliant and was doing well under the Lakeside Behavioral Health Center’s care, the attorneys convinced the state attorney’s office that the client was ready to graduate from the Mental Health Court program.

At graduation, the state attorney’s office dropped both of the client’s cases based on his completion of the Mental Health Court program. The client is now looking to hire the Umansky Law Office for his expungement.

Florida law can get complicated with criminal offenses dealing with the mental health of the convicted person.  If you need legal assistance similar to the kind in this case, please contact The Umansky Law Firm today at (407)228-3838 and get in touch with an Orlando criminal defense lawyer.

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    Client Gets Stalking and Resisting Officer Without Violence Charges Dropped