• Firm Revenue : $ 60,300
  • Amount to Client : $88,500. After loans, $58,850.00
  • Results : Slip and fall. 3 knee surgeries w/ lots of pre-existing. Pre-suit top offer was 175K Depos of restaurant CR went well. Received $900 in sanctions due to OC’s failure to comply with discovery rules. I gave client that $900.
  • Referral Source : Attorney
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  • Firm Revenue : $600,00
  • Amount to Client : $168,300
  • Results : Initial Demand : 275K. Meds were only 27K. IO Offer was 120K. After additional records. I increased Demand. 140K Demanded 300K after she had trigger point w/ ESI rec. Insurance requested MRI films. Client then had ESIs. We requested Pre suit mediation. I started mediation at 500K. Resolved for 240K. Top offer at mediation was 225k. Mediator Dawn Helms did a nice job helping me signal to adjuster that 250k was our number. When in reality, I had permission at 200k. Adjuster made a call, and came back and resolved for 240K. We were strategic in making sure case was still moving, but stalling long enough to get her over 18. Mother didn't want annuity or minor settlement.
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  • Results : Our client was involved in a rear-end auto accident. The client had extensive pre-existing injuries including a prior surgery. The insurance company began with a lowball offer, however, after two years of extensive litigation, the insurance carrier finally paid what our client was owed! Despite the client having surgery, in pre-suit offer was 40K. Progressive held (all the way to settlement) that the surgery was not related. She had undergone surgery with a pain stimulator inserted 18 months prior. After this accident, she had it removed because the trauma displaced the stimulator. OC argued she would have removed it regardless. At mediation, the offer was 120K. After a change in OC due to his lack of professionalism at mediation, we pushed hard to get the case to trial with a Motion to Expedite. OC reached out and we were able to resolve this.
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  • Firm Revenue : $21333.33
  • Amount to Client : $23000.00
  • Results : Our client was involved in a multi-car rear-end collision on I-4. In pre-suit, BI offered 26K and UM offered zero. Filed CRN --> UM tendered 10k. Filed suit against BI. The client underwent 6 ESIs and made full recovery. Mediation impasse with the last offer at 55k. Following that, I received an Order from Judge Falcone striking D's experts. OC called and was able to resolve for BI claim for $75K of $100K policy. The total settlement was 85k for 6 ESIs and no rec. for surgery. Our client is young, works, and is a trial clerk in Orange County traffic division. Very happy.
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  • Firm Revenue : $26,333.31
  • Amount to Client : $38,000
  • Results : Prior to his subsequent accident, he underwent lower back ESI, branch block, and RFA. While we were not able to pop policy, the value in litigation was not there. Too many priors, and the subsequent accident made everything too messy.
  • Client Details : Client is a frequent flyer. Lots of priors. To make matters worse, he was involved in subsequent accident, 6ish months after this case. Policy was only 100k.
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    Our client was involved in a T-bone collision. She sustained a nonsurgical wrist fracture. IO was 30k. Her treatment consisted of 2 ortho visits and 1 hospital visit. Total meds were $7,800.00.
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    • Firm Revenue : $18,000
    • Amount to Client : $36,000
    • Results : Rear end collision. No BI. 100K UM only. Client underwent Cervical ESI, Cervcial Facet injections, and Cervical RFA. Recieved rec. for surgery. Presuit, top offer was 37k. Defense accepted PFS of 75k.
    • Referral Source : ULF Employee
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      Extracontractual. Our client was involved in a T-bone auto accident more than two years ago. The other driver was deemed at fault and cited for running a stop sign. Our client sustained multiple injuries from the collision, including to her...
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      • Firm Revenue : $20,000
      • Amount to Client : $29,850
      • Results : Bi was 35K, Um was 10K. At fault was driving a rental, with 10K BI. At fault also had 25k on personal policy. Meds were 46K Really bad accident, caused our client to rollover 3 times. No broken bones or surgery. Had lots of lacerations, included a bad one on his scalp. He had a non surgical tear on his shoulder. We popped the 10k policy, then the 10k Um policy. We did an asset check after they wouldn’t complete affidavits. Nothing crazy came up. Notwithstanding, we sent an extracontractual Demand to at fault's personal policy. We demanded 25k from personal policy and an additional 25k from at fault personally. After some back and forth, they tendered 25k AND agreed to pay 25k extra contractual. Most firms would have got him policy limits and moved on. But RP and I met, and decided this is the prime case to shoot an extra contractual Demand out. And we got it.
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      • Firm Revenue : $15,000
      • Amount to Client : $29,750
      • Results : Client was walking thru parking garage, where he parked every day for work, when he hit his head on a pipe that was hanging down. It was located between a car and the wall. He was trying to cut thru to get to the correct lane. Pipe should have been covered, or at the very least a bright color. Client had a laceration on his forehead and shoulder pain. Shoulder turned out to be nothing, despite ortho care. Scar was a few cm long. Post scar revision was healing well, with some visibility. Originally they denied claim. Sent Complaint (before filing) which turned on the "tap" for negotiation. Good result for scaring.
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        Rear-end collision in a parking lot with zero property damage. Our client had extensive pre-existing and underwent a lower back RFA. The insurance company issued a lowball offer asserting that her treatment was unrelated to the accident. After filing suit...
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        • Results : Clear liability, good PD. We were able to get the BI and UM policy limits tendered by sending her out to IMG early enough to where she had pip left for 2 ESIs.
        • Client Details : She is a scheduler for Orlando Health.
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        • Firm Revenue : $6,666.66
        • Amount to Client : $11,273.30
        • Results : Client had chiro and pain management visits with SI joint. She was also recommended lumbar ESI after the SI joint didn't work. Despite our best efforts, she wasn't interested in lumbar ESI. Client struggled to treat consistently, due to work schedule. Then when Oceans started sending all patients to Advantacare (because dr. was sick), that was what convinced her to stop treating. She has started yoga which is has been great for her. She would much rather pursue yoga or pilates than have injections. She is the type of person who once they have made a decision, you cant change it. IO was 9500. Pushed it to 20K. No additional treatment post IO other than SI joint injection. Client is happy.
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        • Firm Revenue : $6,249.99
        • Amount to Client : $10,000
        • Results : 10K Bi and 10k UM. Client had a single branch block injection and had a rec for RFA. BI tendered. UM IO was $2,650. Sent a Demand called "Lit Demand". After some back and forth with adjuster we settled on $8750. Prior to that, their "top offer" was 5k. I wanted to serve CRN and try and get 10k to pop. But client was eager to resolve and didnt want to wait 60 days. She was happed with the 10k she put in her pocket, and didn't want to delay for what would be a few hundred dollars.
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          Our client was involved in rear-end collision with ZERO property damage. No UM and only 10K BI. Despite the limited coverage, we were able to obtain an additional $5,000.00 in extra-contractual from the at-fault party. The accident happened in January....
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          • Results : Client was involved in a hit-and-run incident. While the police failed to press charges, we were able to get our client justice and obtain the policy limits from the Underinsured Motorist insurance policy. Obtained 10K. Meds were only 9K.
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          • Firm Revenue : $33,33.33
          • Amount to Client : $5,081.00
          • Results : 10 BI only. Top offer from Kemper was $5,100.00. Meds were 15k, liability was good AND we even had it on camera. Client had a dashboard cam that caught everything. While treatment was only chiro and MRI - case was worth 10k with video. I filed the Complaint, and re-Demanded the 10K. I sent the Demand along with the copy of the video, and gave 30 days. File was transferred, and they tendered.
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          • Firm Revenue : $3,333.33
          • Amount to Client : $6,150
          • Results : 10k policy. Resolved for 10k.
          Client had 11k Orlando Health bill. We were able to help him obtain a charity reduction, taking his balance down to zero with OH.
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          • Firm Revenue : $3333.33
          • Amount to Client : $545.77
          • Results : Popped the policy. 12k in total meds. Minor PD.
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          • Firm Revenue : $3,333.33
          • Amount to Client : $5,000
          • Results : 10k BI, no UM.
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          Is a Defense Attorney Necessary?

          It is not uncommon for Orlando residents facing criminal charges to wonder if an attorney is necessary. After all, there is no requirement that a person charged with a criminal offense hires legal counsel at all. But proceeding without an attorney comes with serious risks and the consequences of a mistake can be life-altering.

          One of the most important ways an Orlando criminal defense attorney could help is by providing a defendant with a frame of reference. They could explain the severity of the charges and the person’s chances of prevailing at trial.

          An attorney could also develop a defense strategy tailored to the facts of the case. This process involves investigating the allegations against the defendant and determining the best way to fight back.

          Going through a trial can be especially risky without legal counsel. The trial process involves archaic rules of evidence and complex procedures regarding everything from jury selection to marking evidence. Given the severity of the potential penalties, it is never a good idea to move forward without a lawyer to manage the case.

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