DUI Gets Expunged

Attorney William Umansky was hired by a former client who had a DUI that Umansky got thrown out in a suppression hearing. The client wanted to clear his records so that he could lawfully deny ever being arrested. Attorney Umansky obtained the FDLE certificate, filed a petition to expunge records and the Judge granted our client’s Petition without a hearing. It is important to note that the State did not object to the Petition and the matter was handled in fewer than six months from the time client hired our firm.

Benefits of Expunging Your Arrest

Even if your case was dropped or dismissed before heading to trial, you still have a criminal record. Your record begins the moment you are arrested. Law enforcement, future employers, and others who conduct a basic criminal background check on you will likely see your arrest — unless you have it expunged.

Expunging a DUI is desirable and highly encouraged. Individuals who expunge their arrests have them removed from their records, providing a better chance to rent a place to live, get a job in their desired field, and attend college, among many other advantages. Having your record expunged provides exceptional peace of mind knowing that no one can see your criminal history. If you are eligible to have an arrest expunged, we strongly support your decision to do so.

Who is Eligible for Expungement in Florida?

Basic requirements for expunging your arrest in Florida are:

  • You have not been convicted of any other crimes
  • You have not had your record sealed or expunged previously
  • Your specific criminal charge may be expunged
  • You are not currently under court supervision

In the state of Florida, you can do an expungement yourself or retain the services of a law firm that will take care of most of the process for you.  Either way, this is an option worthy of consideration for those who wish to clear their records. You only have one chance to expunge your criminal history. First-time offenders may be eligible to have their records completely cleared. To learn more about expungement and record sealing in Florida, get in touch with our firm.

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    DUI Gets Expunged