Drivers License Charges Dismissed

The client received a criminal citation for having a Driver’s License that had been expired for too long in Orange County. The client had never been in trouble before, but because of immigration issues was not able to get a valid driver’s license because of her illegal status in the United States. The client hired the Umansky Law Firm. Upon review of the State’s Discovery, our attorney noticed that the State of Florida did not have adequate information to prosecute the client for the charge. After bringing this up to the prosecutor, the prosecutor attempted to get more information. Fortunately, the State of Florida was not able to get more information and the prosecutor dismissed the case. The Client is now eligible to expunge her record and this should not affect her immigration case.

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(Volusia County) – Attorney Zahra Umansky represented a client charged with No Valid Driver’s License. The client was arrested by the police officer who believed that the client did not meet the exemption for a non-resident. However, attorney Zahra Umansky provided proof to the prosecutor that the client had a valid international driver’s license & was successful in getting the criminal charge dismissed!


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    Drivers License Charges Dismissed