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Your freedom is one of the most valuable things you have. When you have been arrested or charged with a crime, you want to make sure that you have the best defense attorney to represent you. That is why you should call the Umansky Law Firm right away. The legal system can be complicated, so if you are not trained in precedence and courtroom procedure, you are at a significant disadvantage. This is not something you can afford to take a risk on, especially considering that a failure in court could lead to heavy fines and time in jail.

A Sanford criminal defense lawyer can help you. From time spent in police custody and investigations into the incident, to pretrial motions and making arguments in front of juries, they are prepared to take every necessary step to work towards a more beneficial outcome after your arrest.

What to Expect After an Arrest

From the first moment that a person learns that they are the subject of a police investigation, they need to be aware of their rights and what the police will do to obtain evidence. Always be aware that people in police custody have the right to have an attorney present during all questioning. This includes the ability to have a lawyer present to oversee any lineups that the police may use with supposed witnesses. The most common crimes that individuals are arrested for in the Sanford area include:

While there is nothing that an attorney can do to prevent an arrest and booking if police decide on this path, a Sanford criminal attorney can immediately get to work obtaining evidence about the arrest and pending prosecution. This could allow them to fight for fair bail terms and raise important issues of law at the earliest possible opportunity.

Providing Concrete Assistance While in Court

The goal of a prosecutor bringing charges before a court is to show that the defendant committed an act beyond a reasonable doubt. At the same time, a Sanford criminal defense lawyer’s aim is to create this doubt and leave a court with no possible option but to issue an acquittal.

Prosecutors must also prove each element of a supposed offense. For example, a simple assault case under Florida Statute § 784.011 says that a prosecutor must prove that:

  • A defendant made an unlawful threat to cause violence to another
  • The defendant had the ability to cause that harm, and
  • The defendant performed an action that caused the alleged target to believe that harm was imminent

A successful defense can revolve around creating reasonable doubt concerning any of these elements. In addition, a case may focus on a person’s recollection of events or inability to positively identify an alleged attacker. A defense lawyer in Sanford has many options when building  a defense that specially fits to a client’s case.

Talk with a Sanford Criminal Defense Attorney to Protect Your Freedom

Every criminal accusation in Sanford must be taken seriously. Even misdemeanor convictions will create a criminal record that can seriously affect your ability to get a job or secure housing. Felonies are even more severe and can come with mandatory-minimum prison terms.

Reaching out to a Sanford criminal lawyer now could help protect your rights and your future. We work tirelessly to understand the prosecution’s allegations, uncover evidence that helps your case, and present a persuasive counter-narrative to judges and juries. Speak with us now to see how we are prepared to help.

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