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One moment you’re hanging out with friends and the next you’re in handcuffs being transported to the Tavares police department. How did this all happen? Nobody intends to end their day in police custody but all too often does that occur.

Numerous thoughts come to mind when you’re caged in the backseat of a squad car. You contemplate the purpose of your actions, what your future holds, and the possibility of getting out of the situation. It’s easy to succumb to the overwhelming stress of being a jail inmate, but it’s essential that you keep a level head and focus on bettering your situation. By acquiring the services of a Tavares criminal defense lawyer, you best position yourself to reach a favorable conclusion to your case.

Common Criminal Offenses in Tavares

Criminal charges can be the most devastating to face. They are often punishable by lengthy prison sentences and additional penalties depending on the severity of the crime. Some of the most commonly committed criminal offenses include:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Domestic abuse
  • Cybercrime
  • Sex crimes
  • Violation of probation

All of these are serious charges, and the only way to ensure that your case is handled appropriately is to take the proper steps after your arrest.

Immediate Steps after a Tavares Arrest

Rather than allow the weight of the situation to eat at your will, you should be making the proper arrangements for a successful case. The first step is deciding who will serve as your legal representation. Few individuals choose to represent themselves and for a good reason. Those who represent themselves must digest legal knowledge that qualified attorneys have dedicated their lives to mastering.

The next option is to put your case in the hands of a public defender. Although they may be cost-efficient, the satisfaction rate for those who utilize public defenders is noticeably low. The most favorable decision you can make is to acquire the legal services of a Tavares criminal defense lawyer with The Umansky Law Firm.

Find a Tavares Criminal Defense Attorney You Can Trust

The criminal defense attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm are fully committed to their client’s satisfaction. Founder of the firm, William Umansky, has over 25 years of experience practicing criminal law in the Greater Central Florida area. During that time, he has been able to assemble a passionate team of attorneys who are unafraid of judges, prosecutors, or trials by jury. As former prosecutors on the state and local levels, they know what it takes to defeat a strong case. Acquire a Tavares criminal defense lawyer who will fight for you! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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