Restraining Order Case Dropped

Attorney Chris Kaigle with the Umansky Law Firm recently represented a client who had a restraining order issued against him by his child’s mother, who issued the restraining order supposedly on behalf of the child. Essentially, the mother was trying to prevent the father from being in his own child’s life. Attorney Kaigle met with the client and discussed all of his options. It was clear that he was nothing but a great father, and the next step was contacting witnesses and other people in the community that were very familiar with him. The client was potentially losing custody and all visitation rights over his child forever. Attorney Kaigle contacted the Department of Children and Families, which had recently completed an investigation regarding abuse allegations.

The results were that the Department of Children and Families found absolutely no instances of abuse. The other people contacted in the community had nothing but positive things to say about the client. Attorney Kaigle subpoenaed them for the hearing, and let the other side, which included the client’s ex-wife, know that they will be coming to testify against her. At the end of the day, she decided to go ahead and dismiss the restraining order. Essentially, what this meant is that this restraining order was filed out of anger by an ex-wife who was upset with him for one reason or another. When she saw who would be coming in to testify and how much work was actually going into fighting this, she decided to back down and dismiss the injunction.

Consequences of Having an Injunction Against You 

If you are subjected to a temporary restraining order, you may face immediate and long-term consequences that can last indefinitely should the judge approve a permanent injunction against you. Although an injunction is a civil matter, in many ways it can resemble having a criminal record. Additionally, if you violate any of the terms of the injunction, you can face criminal charges.

Having an injunction against you can prevent you from having custody of your child, finding a good job, and it may even bar you from getting a place to live. The injunction shows up on a criminal background check just like an arrest. If that sounds bad, it’s important to know that in Florida, those with an injunction against them may not purchase nor own firearms. So, in addition to facing several consequences and altering your life so that you don’t violate any of the terms of the injunction, you lose your second amendment rights.

The moment you believe someone may seek an injunction against you is the moment you should call a respectable and experienced attorney to defend your rights. Orlando domestic violence defense lawyers at the Umansky Law Firm strive to obtain the best possible outcome for each and every case. We understand that issues between partners, spouses, and ex-partners/ex-spouses can be emotionally challenging. Our job is to take an objective and thorough approach to your case in order to secure a fair resolution.

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    Restraining Order Case Dropped