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If you have been arrested or convicted of a crime, you likely already know how easy it is to access your criminal record. A simple click of a button allows agencies, employers, and others to get instant access to your past with today’s technology. Your criminal history can limit your ability to find employment, attain child custody, immigrate, and regain driving privileges, among other challenges. Fortunately, there are ways in which your criminal charges may be cleared from your permanent record through what’s called the “expungement” process.

To “expunge” is to erase or remove completely. In law, expungement is the process by which a record is destroyed or sealed from state or federal access. While this is extremely beneficial to those with criminal records, not everyone is eligible to receive expungement in Florida. An Orlando expungement lawyer at the Umansky Law Firm can help you navigate the documentation and steps necessary to have a successful expungement process. With years of experience 

Sealing vs. Expungement: What’s the Difference?

Individuals with criminal records understand the hardships that they face with the label on their back. Making it so that people cannot view your record is a big deal and comes with complex legal steps. The two common ways to change a criminal record are sealing and expungement. Many often confuse the two and use the terms interchangeably. However, the two processes are incredibly different from one another.


The main difference between record sealing and expungement is that a sealed record still exists in the legal realm. While employers and other individuals may not have access to see your criminal record, law enforcement and legal officials will still have access to your information and criminal history. This is vastly different from the expungement process, but record sealing is often less difficult to receive.


Expungement is a legal operation that removes a charge from a person’s criminal history. If an individual is granted expungement, all criminal justice agencies will remove the arrest from their records. This includes deleting data from public records, court dockets, and police files with the expectation that it won’t show up if an employer, landlord, or school performs a criminal background check.

The process of expunging a criminal record involves removing an arrest from public records. This means it won’t be visible when a background check is completed. However, expunging your record in Florida isn’t always easy, especially without the help of a dependable expungement lawyer guiding you through the state’s complicated process.

What Are Florida’s Expungement Requirements? 

Every case and person is different, so legal expungement proceedings need thorough investigation and information to declare an answer. Depending on your situation and if you fall within the guidelines below: 


  • No prior account of a record sealed or expunged before in Florida or another jurisdiction.
  • A significant amount of time has passed since the indictment or the conclusion of the criminal case;
  • There has been no additional criminal history since the end of the case.
  • The crime does not fall under certain disqualifying offenses, most often including serious felonies.
  • The individual has minimal prior criminal history.
  • The completion of all terms of deferred disposition, parole, probation, or the sentence.

An arrest can have a devastating impact on your future, especially if you’re between jobs, pursuing new employment, seeking a promotion, or applying for colleges, universities, or postgraduate schools. Discussing your options and qualifications with an experienced expungement attorney can offer you honest advice about your next steps within the legal frame. 

Benefits of Expunging Your Criminal Record

A criminal record is a list of your encounters with the criminal justice system. This involves contact with law enforcement agencies and the courts, including arrests, detentions, convictions, and more. An expungement can erase an arrest from the public record and can significantly change your freedoms and abilities. Some benefits of an expunged record are: 


Young adults with a juvenile record due to a mistake made during their younger years are often interested in expungement for their records so that they can have access to college admissions to their dream schools.


With the removal of a criminal record, individuals may receive more job offers without having to explain a past mistake on their criminal record. This can make the process easier and smoother than if the record was still available for the public to see. 


Like employment, some landlords may run a criminal background check on you and see your criminal record. With an expungement, there’ll be no record of the arrest or misdemeanor, and you may have access to housing you didn’t have before. 


A loan is necessary to achieve dreams and daily necessities like driving. However, some loan agencies believe that those with criminal records will have difficulty finding jobs and not be able to pay back the loan. With an expungement, you’ll have access to loans and, therefore, the ability to purchase expensive possessions like a car. 


Whether it is a social environment or a romantic one, building relationships with a criminal record can be complex. Often, a criminal record can’t be hidden, and individuals will find out sooner or later. This can put a strain on the things you’re allowed to do with your partner or friends. Without that pressure, you can easily enjoy activities with your loved ones.

Many benefits come with an expungement of someone’s criminal record. However, the process can be complicated and needs extensive documentation and information about the person seeking an expungement. The process is challenging when alone, but the help of an attorney can impact your results significantly. Not only will they help guide you through the process, but they’ll advocate for your rights and intentions. 

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If you’re interested in expunging your Florida criminal record, get in touch with a reliable lawyer who can help review your case, gather evidence, and petition the judge. Fortunately, help is right around the corner. The skilled legal team at the Umansky Law Firm understands how challenging it can be to gain employment, housing, and other opportunities when you have a criminal record. This is why we’re dedicated to fighting for your rights and protecting your interests throughout the legal process. 

As former prosecutors and public defenders, our Orlando criminal defense attorneys can provide you with a sound strategy based on years of experience working in the criminal justice system. With over 100 years of combined legal experience, we understand the ins and outs of the Florida expungement process and serve to protect our clients. We’ll work tirelessly to fight for your rights. Call (407) 228-3838 or fill out our contact form to learn more about how our team can help you.