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Going to college or university can be a great opportunity for a young person to learn more about the world they inhabit and about themselves. But the newfound freedom that often comes with collegiate studies can sometimes lead to students making unwise decisions. If a college student ends up breaking Florida state law, they could be tried as an adult in criminal court on top of facing disciplinary action from their school.

Handling sensitive situations like this is generally much easier with support from a well-practiced defense attorney who knows, through successful past experiences, how to defend the interests of students accused of academic and/or criminal misconduct. By retaining a Lake Mary college student defense lawyer, you could give yourself—or your child—the best chances possible of resolving their case with minimal damage to their future prospects.

Preparing for School Disciplinary Proceedings

One of the main reasons criminal charges against college students can be especially challenging to handle is the fact that criminal prosecution is often not the only thing they have to worry about. Even if a student is acquitted of criminal wrongdoing in state court, they may still be subject to sanctions from their university or college based on their violation of student conduct rules.

Importantly, disciplinary proceedings within colleges and universities generally do not work like criminal trials. Most notably, students subject to such proceedings do not have constitutional protections like the right to have counsel assigned to them if they cannot afford private representation.

Most of the time, even a student who does hire a lawyer to help manage their case cannot have that lawyer accompany them into a disciplinary hearing or negotiate with academic authorities on their behalf. That said, a Lake Mary college student defense attorney could still provide vital assistance when preparing for such a hearing and building a strong defense against allegations of conduct code violations.

Contesting Criminal Accusations Against College Students

Because most college students in Florida are at least 18 years old, virtually any student charged with a criminal offense while attending school may be subject to prosecution in adult criminal court as opposed to adjudication in juvenile court. This means that even a minor misdemeanor offense could leave a convicted student with a permanent criminal record that impacts their future employment and housing options. More severe offenses might be punishable by fines, imprisonment, or both.

Common charges that Florida college students find themselves dealing with include:

A knowledgeable college student defense lawyer in Lake Mary could advocate on a student’s behalf throughout any kind of criminal proceeding against them.

Talk to a Lake Mary College Student Defense Attorney About Legal Options

Defending yourself effectively against criminal charges of any kind is never a simple or straightforward process, even if this is your first time being in trouble with state law enforcement agencies. If you are a student at one of Florida’s many colleges and universities, a criminal accusation alone could do massive damage to your educational and occupational future, to say nothing of how serious a conviction could be.

Help from a qualified Lake Mary college student defense lawyer could make a substantial difference in your odds of securing a favorable result from your case. We believe in second chances here, especially for young people. Call the Umansky Law Firm today for a private initial meeting.

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