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Prosecutors who bring fraud charges to court must be able to prove that you took a concrete action with the intent to trick or deceive another out of the ownership of property. These alleged victims may be private citizens, companies, or even government entities. Fraud allegations are always serious accusations and can bring harsh penalties upon conviction.

A Lake Mary fraud lawyer is dedicated to helping you avoid this outcome. Our reliable criminal defense attorney could explain the exact nature of the charge that you face and what a prosecutor must prove in court. They will also take the lead to form a defense strategy that meets your specific goals.

The Concept of Fraud Under State Law

There is no singular statute in Florida’s criminal code that deals with allegations of fraud. Instead, police officers making arrests and prosecutors pursuing charges have a collection of laws from which to choose when attempting to secure a conviction. The exact statute will depend upon the nature of the alleged behavior that led to an arrest.

For example, Florida Statute § 817.02 makes it a crime for any person to obtain property through false personation. This can include using the personal information of another to obtain money or property from a third party. Other prominent examples of fraud-related charges include:

  • Performing a fraudulent marketing activity
  • Making false entries in business records
  • Providing false information to an insurance company

No matter the exact nature of a fraud allegation, there is always one common concept that is the focus. A prosecutor must be able to prove that a defendant took action with the intent to cause harm to another. A simple mistake is not going to justify a conviction in the eyes of a court. Hiring a Lake Mary fraud attorney to handle the case could result in a better understanding of the specific charge and what a prosecutor will need to prove in court.

How an Attorney Could Build a Defense Against a Fraud Charge

Defenses against fraud allegations can take on many forms and will vary based on the exact statute under which a prosecutor is bringing a charge. The most direct way to defeat any fraud charge is to dispute whether the fraudulent activity actually occurred. This could include pointing out errors in electronic databases, showing that a supposedly fraudulent message did not come from a defendant, or that the activity never occurred at all.

Other fraud defenses center around the concept of intent. Overzealous prosecutors and law enforcement officials may pursue cases that arise out of a simple mistake. For example, it is illegal to make an intentional misstatement of fact on a mortgage application. However, simple mistakes are not a cause for criminal prosecution. A fraud lawyer in Lake Mary is prepared to analyze the facts that led to an arrest and form a defense specifically tailored to a person’s unique circumstances.

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Fraud cases in Lake Mary can come in many forms. For some, these are felony accusations where a conviction can bring a lengthy prison sentence and require the repayment of any involved funds. This applies equally whether the alleged victim of this activity is a company, a private person, or a government entity. It is vital to present an effective defense against these charges as soon as possible.

Hiring a Lake Mary fraud lawyer to represent your interests is the most effective way to accomplish this. They can explain the laws that control your case, determine the strength of the prosecutor’s evidence, and present defenses in court that aim to protect your rights. Speak with The Umansky Law Firm now to discover more.

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