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An accusation of solicitation or prostitution can have a severe negative impact your future, even if you did not commit the crime. The stigma associated with these charges can affect you for many years to come. Your friends and coworkers might distance themselves from you, and you might find it hard to restore your reputation, both socially and professionally.

These charges do not have to ruin your life: a Lake Mary solicitation lawyer might be able to help you. A trustworthy criminal defense attorney could work hard to uphold your rights and protect your future. If you need to clear your name, come to the Umansky Law Firm.

What is Criminal Solicitation?

Under Florida law, engaging in sexual activities in exchange for money is illegal. It is a crime to both offer and receive compensation in exchange for sexual relations. The alleged sexual activity does not need to have happened for a crime to have occurred. A person can face solicitation charges if they purchase or attempt to purchase sexual services from another person.

Experienced attorneys could review the charges and fight for the best outcome on an individual’s behalf.

Potential Criminal Penalties for Solicitation in Lake Mary

Defendants facing charges should take all allegations of solicitation seriously because convictions come with harsh legal consequences. First-time offenders could face second-degree misdemeanor charges, which could bring up to a 60-day jail term, a $500 fine, and required attendance in a sexual violence prevention education class. Depending on the circumstances of the alleged solicitation crime, subsequent offenses could bring more serious misdemeanor or felony charges, with longer jail terms and heavier fines. If the charges involve solicitation of a minor, a defendant could face even more severe charges.

It is critical to work with a knowledgeable solicitation attorney in Lake Mary as soon as possible to begin crafting a defense strategy.

Possible Defense Strategies to Lake Mary Solicitation Charges

A seasoned legal team could meet with a defendant to learn more about the charges and help create a defense strategy unique to each individual situation. Some of the more successful strategies are as follows:

  • No exchange of money – If the police cannot prove that there was a monetary exchange, a defense attorney could argue that no crime occurred because it was a consensual act between two individuals.
  • Entrapment – Law enforcement officers cannot encourage people to commit a crime. If an individual faces charges following an undercover police operation, an attorney might be able to argue that the police unlawfully entrapped them.
  • Lack of knowledge and no criminal intent
  • Duress
  • Mistaken identity
  • Insufficient evidence
  • Illegal search or seizure

A dedicated team of solicitation defense attorneys has successfully crafted innovative strategies such as those listed above to help individuals in Lake Mary fight charges. They could assess the situation, and determine whether to proceed with a defense based on constitutional right violations or evidentiary issues.

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Facing solicitation charges can be terrifying. You need to take them seriously and act quickly to have the best chance of a successful outcome. Working with an experienced Lake Mary solicitation lawyer could dramatically improve the chances of avoiding a conviction and protecting your reputation. A dedicated attorney from Umansky Law could treat you with the respect that you deserve while they fight for the outcome that you and your family desperately need. Call our law office today to arrange for a preliminary consultation to discuss the charges.

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