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Being charged with any crime can cause extreme stress and anxiety, but sex crime charges are especially alarming. This is often due to the stigma associated with accounts of this type that can be incredibly difficult to overcome. Because the state identifies several “victimless” crimes – such as indecent exposure or soliciting a prostitute – as sex crimes, it is particularly important that you have a competent criminal defense attorney handling your case.

A Lake Mary sex crimes lawyer understands how law enforcement pursues people they suspect of committing sexual offenses and how prosecutors handle these cases. If you are being investigated for a sex crime or are already facing charges, get in touch with us right away.

Various Offenses Charged as Sex Crimes

Florida statutes outlaw numerous sex-related offenses. Some, such as soliciting prostitution or indecent exposure, are usually prosecuted as misdemeanors. Although there is a potential for up to one year in jail upon conviction, first offenders typically do not receive jail sentences.

Violent sex crimes, however, are typically felonies. In addition, a person with prior convictions for misdemeanor sex crimes could be charged with a felony if they are arrested again on similar charges.

Penalties could be particularly harsh when someone is convicted of sex offenses involving a minor. Florida Statute § 847.0135 makes even trying to arrange an encounter with a minor a crime. An alleged offender could face felony charges if they had only electronic contact but never met them in person.

Possible Defenses to Sex Crime Charges

Police “sting” operations often result in sex crime charges. Whether trying to shut down prostitution in a specific location or catch individuals seeking sexual contact with minors, police tactics could infringe on a person’s rights. For example, entrapment is sometimes a successful defense in sex crimes cases. If an individual did not enter a situation intending to commit a crime, but an undercover law enforcement officer persuaded them, a defendant might assert that they were entrapped. A qualified Lake Mary Sex crimes attorney could investigate the officers’ conduct during the investigation and arrest to ensure they did not overreach.

Sex Offender Registry

Convictions for sex crimes have far-reaching impacts that extend long after an offender has served their sentence. The law requires anyone convicted of specific sex crimes to register as a sex offender. The crimes can include, but are not limited to:

  • Sexual touching or misconduct with someone incapable of giving consent
  • Lewd and lascivious acts with someone under age 16, an older adult, or a disabled person
  • Videotaping a person when they had a reasonable expectation of privacy
  • Sex trafficking
  • Rape and sexual abuse

If a sexual offense involves children, violence, or if a person is a repeat sex offender, Florida Statute § 775.21 requires them to register as a sexual predator. Sexual predators may not live in certain areas, cannot work with children on a paid or volunteer basis, and the community is notified when they move into the area.

A Lake Mary attorney who has experience with cases involving sex crimes could work to limit the risk a defendant might have to register as a sex offender or sexual predator. These legal professionals also could assist some offenders in removing their names. In limited circumstances, former offenders can petition to be taken off the registry.

Work With a Lake Mary Attorney for a Vigorous Defense to Sex Crime Charges

If you are facing charges on any sex-related crime, you need skilled legal representation. The consequences of a conviction are severe and enduring, and could limit your future opportunities in every aspect of life.

A Lake Mary sex crimes lawyer could work diligently to represent your interests and pursue the most favorable result the evidence allows. Call immediately if you were arrested or learn you are under investigation for a sex crime.

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