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Failure to appear in a Lake Mary court for any type of scheduled appearance is against the law. Local law enforcement officials and courts treat this as a severe offense and there could potentially be harsh legal consequences for not showing up as required.

A Lake Mary failure to appear lawyer might be able to help you successfully fight the charges. There are numerous reasons why someone might be justified in not appearing, as a skilled criminal defense attorney could explain.

Types of Appearances That Citizens Might Miss

All scheduled court appearances are important. It is critical to make an effort to appear on all scheduled court dates, even if the court matter seems trivial in nature, because Florida courts treat failure to appear seriously, regardless of the initial reason for the scheduled court appearance. Individuals can get into trouble for failing to appear after receiving a summons to be a witness in criminal or civil trials. Failure to report to jury duty can also result in problems. If people fail to return to court after being released from state or federal custody, they can face dire legal consequences. Even failing to report to court for a minor traffic citation or parking violation is against the law.

A dedicated team of attorneys has experience helping defend those who are being charged after failing to appear in court for any number of reasons.

Reasons Why People Might Fail to Appear for a Court Date

People miss their scheduled court dates for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons that Lake Mary failure to appear lawyers encounter are the following:

  • They simply forgot about it, rather than actively avoiding it
  • They moved homes and never received the notice.
  • They had another appointment during the scheduled time and never bothered to try to switch the court date
  • They had an emergency and did not call to notify the court.
  • They panicked or were embarrassed to face the consequences of the charges that they faced.

Unfortunately, a bench warrant for an arrest after a missed court appearance will never just disappear. Regardless of how much time passes, a defendant could still be subject to immediate arrest. In fact, the longer a defendant waits to clear their name, the worse the potential legal outcome.

As soon as a person first becomes aware that they have missed a court date, they should meet with an experienced attorney to discuss the details of what happened. A knowledgeable attorney could offer advice and help a defendant decide on the best path forward.

Let a Lake Mary Failure to Appear Attorney Assist You

Failing to appear in court has severe personal, professional, and legal consequences. A court can issue a bench warrant, and you could be arrested immediately at any time or place. If the arrest occurs while at work, there could be professional repercussions, potentially even the loss of your job. You might also face hefty fines or lose your right to drive. If you are out on bail and fail to appear for a scheduled court date, the court could change the terms and revoke your bail, sending you back to jail.

It is essential that you work with a seasoned Lake Mary failure to appear lawyer who knows how to mount an aggressive defense. Our qualified legal team has successfully defended other people facing similar charges – so see what we can do to help guide you through a legal case. Call us today.

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