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A finding of guilt after a criminal case in Lake Mary or the rest of Florida does not mean that a case must come to an end. All people who endure a conviction retain the right to file an appeal with the District Court of Appeals in the state. However, these appeals cannot simply say that a conviction was incorrect. A proper appeal will point to a specific situation in which an improper application of the law resulted in an unfair result.

A Lake Mary appeals lawyer is ready to pursue these cases on your behalf. They could evaluate the ways in which a trial court made errors that resulted in an unfair verdict and may also pursue appeals based on ineffective legal help during your trial. There is only a short time following a conviction to file an appeal. Reaching out to a dedicated criminal defense attorney now is the best way to protect your rights.

When Can I Appeal a Criminal Conviction?

Every conviction comes with the automatic ability to pursue an appeal in a District Court of Appeals, but these appeals cannot be based on the idea that a jury made an incorrect decision to convict a defendant. Instead, appeals must point to an error of law that the judge in the case made that infringed upon established court procedures or the defendant’s rights. Common examples of these errors include:

  • Allowing a jury to hear inadmissible evidence
  • Providing a jury with improper instructions
  • Illegal jury empanelment
  • Prosecutorial misconduct
  • Ineffective assistance of counsel

A Lake Mary appeals attorney could provide more information about the appropriate grounds for appeal and examine a person’s case records to determine if they might have a chance at a successful appeal.

Time Limit to File an Appeal

The Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure § 9.140(3) outlines the time frame and filing procedures for requesting a formal appeal after a criminal conviction. This rule states that people seeking to file an appeal must serve a notice of appeal with all respondents no more than 30 days after a formal filing of a conviction. Given the stakes, it is essential to obtain legal assistance as soon as a case results in a guilty verdict. An appeals lawyer in Lake Mary could get to work immediately in obtaining the information needed to meet this strict time deadline.

What to Expect During an Appeal

Appeals hearings differ greatly from criminal trials. Instead of making arguments before a jury, appeals move forward before a panel of judges. In addition, the most important part of an appeal is the brief that lawyers submit to the court. These briefs outline important points of law and apply them to the facts of the case that already occurred. Appeals courts will never examine new evidence but they may ask lawyers to appear in person to answer questions about their arguments. A Lake Mary appeals lawyer submits these vital documents and makes arguments on behalf of the defendant in order to seek justice.

Let a Lake Mary Appeals Attorney Assist You After a Criminal Conviction

Just because you are given a criminal conviction, does not mean you need to accept the outcome of the case. In many situations, an error of the law has resulted in an unfair trial that may give you grounds to pursue an appeal. A successful appeal may result in a higher court ordering a new trial or even an outright acquittal. However, the grounds for pursuing an appeal are limited and there is a short time after a conviction to act.

Reach out to a Lake Mary appeals lawyer immediately. We can explain how appeals function, evaluate the actions of the judge in your trial, and submit formal requests for appeals on your behalf. Time is of the essence so consult with The Umansky Law Firm Criminal Defense & Injury Attorneys immediately.

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