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Public officials and others who hold any kind of public office with power should act only according to their own thoughts and moral codes. While members of the general public are free to ask these individuals to act or vote in a certain way, the law states that offering any concrete enticement to do so is illegal. Florida law defines these activities as bribery. If you find yourself the target of bribery charges, contact a trustworthy criminal defense attorney.

Bribery is a serious allegation in Lake Mary and around the rest of the state. Convictions can require a person to pay a heavy fine or spend significant time in jail. The punishments can apply both to those who offer bribes and those who accept them. Speak with a Lake Mary bribery lawyer today to get started down the path to offering a comprehensive defense against these allegations.

Bribery Charges from Contact with Elected Officials

Bribery is a prevalent issue in various government institutions. These people can have a significant impact on the daily lives of citizens and are supposed to make their decisions based solely upon what is best for their constituents. State laws aim to punish those who allegedly attempt to interfere with this core concept.

Florida Statute § 838.015 makes it a felony to bribe or attempt to bribe any member of the executive, judicial, or legislative branch of state government. No person may offer a gift or gratuity with the intent of influencing the result of a vote, court session, or executive order. At the same time, it is illegal for these public officials to accept these bribes if offered to them. Working with a Lake Mary bribery lawyer could help to demonstrate that any apparent bribery attempt was no more than legal lobbying activity.

Potential Defenses Against Bribery Charges

A key concept in many bribery cases is the idea of intent. In simple terms, it is only a violation of the law for a person to intentionally give a gift to a public official with the idea that this gift will change their influence or vote. As a result, a bribery lawyer in Lake Mary might be able to rebut a prosecutor’s allegations that a defendant has the requisite intent to commit a crime.

It may also be possible to say that the giving of a gift fits within the state’s legal lobbying activities. This involves evaluating the facts that led to the contact between the parties and determining the means through which property or money changed hands. Allowing a lawyer to evaluate the facts of the case lets them move forward with developing a defense that is specific to the current situation.

Consult with a Lake Mary Bribery Attorney for Guidance

Bribery charges are serious matters under state law. The relevant statute classifies these cases as felonies, and a conviction could have a substantial impact on your reputation in the community or could result in a lengthy prison sentence. It is imperative that you give yourself every possible advantage.

Hiring a Lake Mary bribery lawyer to handle the case could bring a more positive result. They could explain the specific law that controls your case, uncover evidence that reinforces reasonable doubt, and call into question the police methods used to gather the information that led up to an arrest. A thorough investigation could also help determine whether your activities fit within the legitimate practice of lobbying. Speak with The Umansky Law Firm Criminal Defense & Injury Attorneys today to get started.

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