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Facing a gun charge can be intimidating. You may feel like your constitutional rights are being violated and that the circumstances limit your options. Standing up for your rights in court by yourself may pose unique challenges without the proper legal background and preparation.

A Lake Mary gun lawyer supports your rights and fights against the charges the government is bringing against you. Our experienced defense attorneys use their extensive legal education and valuable experience in the courtroom to your advantage.

Do People Need a License to Carry a Gun in Florida?

Florida law allows many people to carry specific types of concealed weapons (including firearms) if they have a concealed carry permit or meet the requirements to get one. Weapons that people may be able to carry include knives, handguns, stun guns, or other types of firearms (except for machine guns). To qualify to have a concealed weapon in Lake Mary, the individual must meet certain age, criminal background, and fitness requirements, including:

  • The person must be at least 21 or, if younger, be a member of the armed services or police force
  • The person must not have a felony conviction that prevents them from possessing a gun
  • The person must not have a physical disability or condition that prevents them from safely operating a firearm

Because of the complexity and fluctuating nature of the state’s gun laws, it is incredibly important to talk to a Lake Mary gun attorney who regularly practices in this field. They could review a defendant’s situation to determine the proper course of action and the defense needed to help limit the repercussions.

What Are Common Rules on Gun Possession in Lake Mary?

People cannot have guns in schools, museums, polling places, courthouses, prisons, or other protected spaces. Further, some convictions (such as a habitual offender charge) may limit or entirely prevent someone from having a firearm in spaces where concealed carry is allowed. People who are visiting Florida but do not reside here may be able to exercise their right to carry a firearm if they have a valid permit from another state.

Regardless of whether the person has a concealed carry license, they must carry and present a valid form of identification to law enforcement. Failure to do so may result in penalties.

Anyone who has questions about the changing gun laws or is facing a criminal charge because of a firearm violation should consider talking to an experienced attorney who practices gun law in Lake Mary. These laws are nuanced and depend heavily on the circumstances at play.

What Are the Penalties for Breaking Florida’s Gun Laws?

The penalties for violating Florida’s gun laws may include a misdemeanor or felony conviction, jail time, and fines. It depends on the context of the violation, the person’s criminal record, and the law in effect when the person allegedly committed the offense. For example, violating the concealed carry law may be a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the type of weapon involved.

A criminal charge involving a gun can have immense consequences on someone’s life and result in harsher penalties for a subsequent violation, even if unintentional.

Contact a Lake Mary Gun Attorney for Help

Florida law provides expansive protections for gun owners, but sometimes these laws fall short, and individuals face unjust criminal charges for firearm violations. You may be unsure of how to proceed, but a Lake Mary gun lawyer could help you by preparing and presenting a defense in a court of law.

The Umansky Law Firm can ensure the government followed (and continues to follow) the correct procedure in bringing the case and meeting its burden of proof. Contact our team today to begin your legal defense.

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